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Get more qualified developers from your hiring funnel with a data-driven system

Hit your hiring goals. Hit your product goals.

Our tailored engineering scenarios give you insight into your candidate's collaboration, problem solving, and technical aptitudes.

Because software engineering evaluation requires more than "passes 6 of 7 automated tests."

Reclaim engineering energy

It can be draining to reject people after spending time with them. Why not uncover a bad fit early?

You can’t talk to every single candidate. Screen on demonstrated capability to up your phone screen “hit rate.”

Only great phone screens

We all want team members who can punch above their resume “weight.” Find great candidates who are being overlooked.

Find hidden gems

Bad hires cost you time, money, and morale. Candidates who demonstrate aptitude are less risky. You’ve seen them succeed.

Fewer bad hires

Technical aptitude is necessary, but not enough. Engineering teams are powered by collaboration and problem solving.

More than just coding

Objective rubrics, benchmarked against your team and the industry, using concurrent content validation.

Reduce bias

How It Works

  • Woven helps customers optimize their entire hiring system.
  • We audit what’s there from scorecard through sourcing to onboarding.
  • A tailored 1-hour engineering scenario is created to fill an early interview step.
  • Candidates spend an hour doing real engineering work, guided by our platform.

Drive better 1:1 interviews

Get the most from your interviews with our pre-call analysis

See strengths and weaknesses

How might they fill gaps in your team? We all know Jason hates writing docs.

Are they a top performer like Jen? Are they more junior like Jeff?

Compare to your current team

How would they scale their solution? How do they react to being challenged?

Go deep with candidate-specific questions

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Senior Director of Engineering, Lessonly

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"Without Woven, we absolutely would have hired [candidate] and it would have been tragic."

Founder, OrderNova

Jerred Sydnor

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1 year for less $ than 1 recruiter placement fee