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Real human feedback

Actual engineers grade each assessment to accurately assess subjective skills like debugging, architecture and communication.

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Eliminate the time spent on initial screens and focus on the final stage interviews with only the most qualified candidates.

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Discover great-fit engineers whose resumes didn’t represent their skillsets. Ensure the right candidate gets the job.

What Woven Can Do

Hiring Preparation
Choose from real-world scenarios that match the role
Better Candidate experience
Assessment is clear, practical and takes less 90 minutes to complete
Job Description Templates & Checklists
Use proven, tested language to ensure you’re attracting top-quality talent
Engineer Evaluators
Independent evaluation by 2 Woven engineers gives you in-depth insight without excessive time investment
25 Scenarios (Backend, Frontend & Fullstack)
Real challenges in real IDEs to test real ability in a variety of roles
Scoring (Partial Credit)
Get a detailed look to your candidate’s thought process that goes way beyond ‘pass/fail’
Language Coverage
Developer-friendly cloud-based platform to simulate real-world challenges in context
Benchmark Calibration (Team/Role)
Objectively understand where your candidate fits with respect to your high performers
Assessment Platform (IDE)
From C++ to Swift, we have a scenario for every programming language you care about
Candidate Feedback
Kill the awkwardness with automated responses to your candidates with objective feedback on their testing results
Scenario Prompts
Prompt style shows the candidates natural approach to solving problems
Slack Notifications
Punctual notifications so you can keep the process moving

How Woven Works

Select the work scenario
for your open role
Choose from our selection of real work simulations, so you can understand how a candidate will actually perform when they say, “I’ll take a look, one sec...”
choose and send scenarios
Send candidates the asynchronous assessment
Woven assessments take less than 90 minutes. And the practical challenges in a live IDE feel normal to your candidates.
Woven engineers grade against a holistic rubric
Two experienced  engineers from Woven score candidate work against a 60+ item rubric -- saving your precious time and internal resources.
You get the results and recommendation
Get detailed scorecards on your candidates’ test results plus Woven's recommendation. You can focus on picking the best-fit for your team knowing they have the skills for the job.

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Technical Hiring

You don’t need another system to manage, so we don’t act like one.
Plug-in to your existing
hiring process
Integrate with your ATS to make technical hiring transparent for your recruiters. Woven can even coordinate scheduling.
90%+ completion rate for senior engineers
Asynchronous challenges let candidates participate at night or on the weekends when it's convenient for them.

Let’s Go Beyond Code

Puzzles tell you who can play games.
Woven shows you who can solve problems.
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Top Interview Software Platforms 2021

Today's hiring managers need to stay up-to-date on all of the latest HR technology trends and interview tools available. There are new solutions constantly emerging as the demand for transparency and consistency in business processes challenges interviewers to find better ways of vetting job candidates.

Interview software allows organizations to conduct more effective interviews by providing them with the tools they need, like advanced analytics and streamlined communication, all of which are designed to help you hire smarter.

In fact, you can expect a 22% increase in productivity from using interview software.

Benefits of using interview software

There are lots of reasons why organizations are beginning to invest in modern hiring software. Companies have reported being happier with their finalists' experience during the interviewing process, seeing a decrease in turnover rates among accepted candidates, and a better overall hiring boost.

Here are just a few of the positives of using this type of system:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Real-time feedback during interviews
  • More objective interview process
  • Track applicants throughout the entire hiring process
  • Improve overall interview experience for all parties involved

So, how do you choose the right interview software platform for your organization?

The top 5 interview software platforms

The companies listed below have proven track records in offering cutting-edge solutions that give hiring authorities a competitive advantage when it comes time for interviews. 

Check out which ones made our list.

1. Outmatch

Outmatch is a video interviewing platform and talent acquisition system that’s used for attracting, evaluating, and selecting the world's greatest talent. It's trusted by 40 of the Fortune 100 companies, including Uber, Carnival Cruises Lines, and Unilever. Outmatch's virtual interview software allows hiring managers to record interviews, assess candidates, and automatically check references.

Outmatch has proven to increase applicant volume up to ten times more than traditional recruiting methods, reduce the time of the candidate selection process by up to 50%, and provide the ability to utilize detailed analytics that will improve future recruiting campaigns.

2. Greenhouse

Want more qualified hires with diverse perspectives? Greenhouse helps businesses eliminate bias during the interview process. This one platform offers everything you need to source, screen, and hire your dream team faster. It provides actionable insights on every candidate and gives your company the ability to actively diversify your talent pool. 

Hiring managers can utilize Greenhouse to search for potential candidates, including those who are not yet actively looking for a job. Plus, you can track candidate relationships over time and schedule interviews without ever having to leave the platform.

3. HireVue

One of the most common virtual interview platforms, HireVue utilizes artificial intelligence to score, select, and rank every aspect of a video interview to learn about a candidate's personality traits, skills, aspirations, and work style.

Companies can easily create a pre-recorded or live video questionnaire using some of the best video interview software. Once an interviewer uploads the video, HireVue automatically finds and edits relevant moments from the recording to create a 30-second highlight reel. The platform then analyzes every clip to generate insights on candidates, which reduces hiring bias and helps companies make better decisions.

4. myInterview

With myInterview, businesses can create customized onsite interviews, send interview requests to candidates by email, and easily track which applicants are interested in their company.

The online interface allows employers to ask questions of their choice from a range of topics including work experience, personality, personal interests, and skills. You can then watch applicants respond to each question on video in real-time which will help you learn more about the candidate's qualifications and background.

5. interviewstream

interviewstream is an online platform that provides an efficient, fair, and personalized recruitment process. Companies can source candidates faster, find out more about each candidate before their interview with them, and choose the best person for the job.

The heart of interviewstream's software is its video interviewing platform. Companies can post job openings and immediately ask candidates to schedule video interviews at a time that works for them. They can see the candidate's face, hear their voice, and assess their body language in real time which allows for more accurate hiring decisions.

Which online interview app is right for you?

Recruiting and hiring is a complex process full of challenges. There are many factors to consider, including the applicant's skills and experience, their knowledge of your company and its values, and more.

It's possible to learn about these important attributes without having an in-person meeting. With the right software, employers can source and screen for qualified candidates faster than ever before.

If you're looking for help with your company's recruitment or hiring process, start a free trial with Woven today. Our technical assessment platform is the best way to identify and find top engineering talent. We'll work closely with you on finding the right solution for your company's hiring challenges.

“It's a great product that helped us have confidence in our recruiting, which is so important, especially as a startup. Plus the team was great to work with - very collaborative and willing to offer general recruiting guidance along the way.”

Meg Harrison

Chief Operating Officer
Medical Imaging Startup

“When it comes to recruiting and hiring decisions, Woven helps me sleep better at night. Knowing that there’s been this extra level of scrutiny.”

Steve Caldwell

VP of Technology

“Woven is 100% the best money we’ve ever spent. We wouldn't have the great teammates we have now without Woven.”

Chuck Dishmon

Director of Software Development
Greenlight Guru

“Without Woven, I would have definitely passed on a candidate I ended up hiring. This was absolutely Woven's value prop being proven out.”

Andrew Robinson III

Sr. Director of  Product and Engineering