Providing more great developer candidates to high-growth software teams.

Evidence-Based Hiring, Built for High-Growth Teams

If your engineering team is growing fast, you need to optimize your hiring funnel. Our data-driven hiring platform was crafted by software team leaders, for software team leaders just like you.


Woven Finds Your Hidden Gems. You Hire Fast.


How It Works

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What can Woven do for you…

Find Hidden Gems

33% of our customers’ inbound hires would have been missed in a traditional hiring process. We help you find those talented candidates that often go overlooked.

Make Fewer Bad Hires

By sorting your applicants based on performance, you end up with more qualified candidates in the final interview stage, so you never feel like you’re compromising on candidate quality.

Benchmark To Your Current Team

Woven allows you to see how each candidate stacks up to your current engineering team, and identify the value they’ll add before you extend an offer.

Give Candidates Detailed Feedback

Our team provides candidates with a better application experience by sending detailed exercise feedback to every applicant, allowing them to learn areas for improvement.

Reclaim Engineering Energy

You don’t want your engineering team stuck in interviews. Neither do we. By narrowing your focus to only the best candidates, your team can spend more time coding.

Reduce Hiring Bias

By prioritizing performance over scanning resumes, we can help you build a hiring system with less implicit bias to ensure the right candidate gets the job.


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