May 20, 2022

3 of the Best Newsletters for Engineering Managers

By Wes Winham

We get it. You’re an engineering leader who receives dozens — maybe hundreds — of emails every day. Some of them have value, but most are junk.

Why would you want more noise in your inbox?

Well, it turns out there are a few great newsletters that can actually support you in your role. Written by some of the brightest minds in software engineering, these curations can help you keep up with industry trends, learn new techniques and management strategies, and gain insight into how other organizations and software teams operate.

Here are some emails you’ll look forward to opening.

Subscribe to these engineering manager newsletters

1. The Pragmatic Engineer

Gergley Orosz is a former Engineering Manager at Uber and Skype. He’s also the author behind The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter, the No. 1 technology newsletter on Substack.

Gergley’s weekly email offers advice and inspiration across the software engineering industry, with management topics that range from compensation to hiring to designing systems. His newsletter is especially valuable for team leaders and senior engineers at Big Tech and startups.

2. Software Lead Weekly

Software Lead Weekly focuses on the foundations of software development: people culture and leadership.

Tech leads describe it as “the best-curated and most consistently excellent mailing list” they’ve been on. New managers say that it’s helped them find their personal management style and improve their leadership skills. With almost 30,000 subscribers, this curated newsletter is a must-read for leaders who wants to get better at people management.

3. CTO Insights

Start your week with a fresh issue of CTO Insights every Sunday morning. Entrepreneur Tosho Trajanov shares articles on culture, technology, and leadership written by the world’s top CTOs and engineers for your reading pleasure. Plus, he’s consulted more than 50+ organizations on building and managing cross-cultural, distributed teams, so we trust his judgment.

More resources

Not interested in newsletters? There are plenty of other places to go for insights on software engineering.

Github’s Engineering Team Management list offers a compilation of tools, discussions, anecdotes, and knowledge tidbits for software developers transitioning into leadership roles. There’s also a Github ReadMe on all things engineering management: conflict resolution, mentoring, mindset, diversity and inclusion, and more.

If short, humorous videos are more your style, check out engineering leadership coach and Emmy winner Brian Dainton on TikTok.

You can even read a couple of our blogs:

Final thoughts

Software engineering management is  a complex and ever-changing field. Luckily, these newsletters are an excellent resource for engineering managers of all levels.

But don’t feel like you need to subscribe to all of them — choose the ones that speak to you and offer you the most value.

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, remember that you can always unsubscribe.


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