Providing more great developer candidates to high-growth software teams.

We believe that hiring isn’t about “acquiring talent.” It’s about weaving together a tapestry of talented team members.


This belief is rooted in years of success building and scaling high-production engineering teams in high-growth SaaS companies. Our three founders were all software team leaders at high-growth SaaS companies; they all faced similar issues growing their teams.

The hiring market is competitive and there aren’t enough qualified software engineers.

Interviewing distracts the team from shipping product, and effective screening is important to protecting their time.

Mis-hires are incredibly expensive and the traditional resume doesn’t do a great job of helping you avoid them.


Software has evolved. Why haven’t our hiring practices?

The traditional resume is obsolete in software development, and coding tests are all over the board. Some are great; most are irrelevant for your specific instance, and by the time you can challenge a candidate with a white board test, you’ve likely screened out a half-dozen candidates who would have been able to do the job.

Our founders knew that the key wasn’t hiring one great engineer. The key was building a great engineering team. Software engineering is a team sport, and there was no solution on the market that focused on building better teams. We wanted to fix that, and maybe fix some other things while we’re at it...


What we’re building…

We want to build a rational industry, where the work that you do to get the job is the same as the work you’d do in the job.

We want to build an inclusive industry, where you’re not judged based on your name, background, and education, but rather on the quality of your work.

We want to build an empirical industry, where hiring decisions are backed by data instead of gut feel and intuition.

We want to build a human industry, where you have enough time with each candidate to treat them like a real person.

We want to build a nurturing industry, where instead of receiving an email that reads “Thank you for your interest,” you receive detailed feedback that allows you to grow and improve.

We want to build a better industry, filled with better engineering teams, doing better work.


Want to help?