Case Study: Hire Senior Engineers Quickly

How Waterly hired their first Senior Software Engineer in under 20 days using Woven

🕰️  Background

Hiring managers at early-stage startups trying to build out their teams face a big challenge.

Hiring is much easier if you are fortunate enough to be able to build your initial engineering team from your network.

However, if you are tasked with recruiting and hiring your team outside of your network…well, things can get tough.

📈  The Situation

The Engineering Manager at Waterly needed to add a few Senior Software Engineers to the team.   He was doing 98% of the sourcing, screening and interviewing himself.

With a small team they were struggling to balance product roadmap goals and hiring goals.

🔍 The Solution

Waterly leveraged Woven Inbound to get a stream of pre-vetted candidates into final rounds of interviews faster.

We consulted on salary bands, job descriptions and interview best practices to help set the team up for success.

Instead of Waterly handling the sourcing, reviewing resumes, initial phone screens and then 2 hours of technical interviews they were able to move the pre-vetted Senior candidates to a technical interview immediately after reviewing the Woven results.

The Results

Waterly was able to hire its first Senior Software Engineer within 20 days of starting with Woven and had a second offer out 1 week later.

But even better, the new hire onboarded quickly and was able to make contributions to the team right out of the gate.

This allowed Waterly to increase productivity while they began the search for their next hire.

“We saved 5-10 hours per week filtering resumes and interviewing candidates who wouldn’t pass our technical standards.”

Mandy, Business Manager @ Waterly

Woven Inbound can help you hire senior engineers at 1/3 the cost of a headhunter

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