Our Team

We believe that the best teams are comprised of talented, three-dimensional people, woven together to create a cohesive unit.

Here are some of the threads that make Woven.


Wes Winham


Wes is a software entrepreneur from Chickasha (Chick-uh-shay), Oklahoma. He moved to Indiana for a software engineering degree at Rose-Hulman and then fell in love with startups. He was the first employee at a SaaS startup called PolicyStat, where he was responsible for product and engineering. He helped grow the company from $0 to more than $5 million ARR and to a May 2017 acquisition.

Wes lives in downtown Indianapolis with his wife and their 3 adorable pet rats, Kaizen, Rebel, and Sisu.


Anthony Panozzo


Anthony is a software engineer who brings over a decade of experience helping software companies scale. Today, he’s excited to help guide Woven along the same journey.

When he’s not working, he’s spending time cooking, reading, playing ultimate frisbee, and making spreadsheets. He and his wife live in Indianapolis with their two small children who require a lot of love, and a lot of babysitting from their family.


Kyle Shipley


Kyle brings over 10 years of experience interviewing and hiring software engineers to Woven's exercise design process. He and his wife, Jillian, are avid board and video gamers. For tax purposes, Kyle is classified as a terrestrial manatee, although he files jointly.


Kate Elliott

Customer Success Lead

Kate is an energetic Customer Success professional, obsessed with giving Woven's customers the best experience she can. When she's not working, she enjoys exploring Indianapolis with her husband and three kids. Whether she's trekking through an urban area or hiking in the great outdoors, she makes a point to stop along the way for the best local food, coffee, cocktail, or brew she can find. On her most successful days, she stumbles upon vinyl or vintage finds.


Tim Hickle

Head of Demand Generation

Tim is a marketer, experienced in helping SaaS startups and scale-ups get traction. He loves basketball and learning new things. He’s most well-known by his friends and family for tearing his ACL dancing to the song “Footloose” during a comedy show.



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