Case Study: Save Engineering Time with High Signal Assessments

How Pando hires quickly and saves engineering time using Woven

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🕰️  Background

Early-stage startups often operate with lean engineering teams and aggressive hiring goals, putting their team commitments and hiring at odds.

If the engineering team’s time is chewed up by phone screens, interviews, and feedback, growth goals get missed at a time when every engineering hour matters.

📈  The Situation

After initial seed-round funding, Pando‘s VP of Engineering, Leslie Carr, was looking to hire several engineers as quickly as possible. With only three engineers currently on staff, engineering goals were at risk of being sacrificed to the hiring gauntlet.

The goal was to hire several engineers, while being certain of their skills before sending them onto the engineering team to prevent wasted time. “I was honestly sort of worried and freaking out about how I’m gonna do this. But then someone posted about Woven and I was pretty impressed.”, Carr said.

🔍 The Solution

Enlist Woven to get a consistent, high signal on candidates and save countless hours of engineering time.

We benchmarked Pando’s existing engineers to calibrate the assessment for the skillsets desired, resulting in an incredibly reliable, great read on all candidates being screened going forward.

We ask candidates to complete Code Review, Systems Design, and Architecture/Debugging scenarios to see who can actually perform in a role. Then, we score them using real engineers and a detailed rubric.

The Results

We could tell you, but we’ll let Leslie tell you instead.

“Just enjoy all of the time you’re saving… seriously worth every penny.” 

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