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On average, you'll spend 80% less time on hiring.

It always takes longer than you expect

The most impactful thing you can do to save engineering time? Get better at screening. 

Engineering leaders who use Woven before the phone screen speed up their hiring process by reducing the percentage of applicants they interview. They get a better signal earlier and greatly reduce the length of final round interviews.

With Woven, only the best candidates that have gone through a simulation get to a phone screen. 

A Series B startup with the same seed investors as Stripe and Figma saw 50% fewer candidate rejections using Woven. That’s less engineering time sunk in phone screens and final interviews that don’t lead to accepted offers.

How We Do It

Qualified Candidates

Send candidates through work scenarios that focus on systems design and architecture to quickly filter out unqualified engineers before they ever reach your engineering team. ✅

Same-Day Scoring

98% of our scores are delivered on the same business day which means you can make a decision on a candidate in 60 seconds rather than an hour phone screen. ⚡️

Async Scheduling

Whiteboards and live code quizzes are time-consuming and drive great candidates away. Our candidates work their time-boxed scenarios asynchronously, with focus, from home. 🏡

"That was the quickest feedback I have ever received. The whole experience was just flawless."
Woven Candidate

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