October 19, 2022

How Engineers Hack Job Boards and 10x Their Qualified Candidates in Just 30 Minutes

By Casey Higgins

This tutorial shares the secret to Active Job Board Management.

You’re an engineering leader without a full time technical recruiter. You’re not a job board expert, but you need candidates.

After working with hundreds of companies hiring developers, we’ve noticed something surprising. There’s often a 5x to 10x volume difference in qualified candidates between seemingly identical companies.

And there’s one practice companies aren’t doing that’s slashing their candidate flow: active job board management

Instead of relying on your Applicant Tracking System to do everything, you can 10x your results by running the system yourself.

👉 Emplify was growing fast and needed to expand their product team. After 90 days of working with recruiters and sources to find candidates, they had less than 10 in their pipeline. That’s when they decided to implement this technique and within 30 days they had 110 qualified candidates. They made their first hire on day 40.

This is your no-fluff guide. No cold outbound. No 3% improvements. Just the 80/20 for hacking job boards.