case study: reduce candidate drop-off and improve offer accept rate

How Woven helped Datavant increase their offer acceptance and make ~15 hires

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⏪ Background

Engineering candidates can drop out of your interview process for a number of reasons. The most common:

  1. They refuse your assessment because it’s time-consuming and tedious
  2. They ghost you because you move too slow
  3. They accept another offer because they didn’t have a great experience

Oof. This makes it challenging to keep your candidate pipeline full.

🔂 The Situation

Datavant, a Series B startup with the same seed investors as Stripe and Figma, is in a very competitive market. They needed to scale their interview process and were using Hackerrank to vet software engineers fast. But they saw 40% of senior candidates withdrawing at the code quiz and 60% of candidates rejecting offers.

⏩ The Solution

Datavant made the switch to Woven and got consistent feedback from candidates that it was the best interview experience they’d had. Candidates love the real world debugging and communication scenarios that test more than code. They also love the feedback.

The Results

Datavant went from 40% to 85% offer acceptance rate with Woven. Candidates say what they’re doing with HR, phone screens, and Woven gives them a different type of interview experience and a better idea of what it’s like to work with Datavant.


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