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Woven is eliminating the gap between talent and opportunity.

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The world isn’t evenly distributed. Markets have one leader. Companies have one CEO. Job openings get filled by one candidate at a time. And some positions are paid more money. Therefore, there’s competition. It’s inevitable. 

But the competition that plays out today isn’t always fair.

It’s not fair in part because Big Tech employs a system of selection that’s optimized for high-status individuals with expensive pedigree. If you didn’t go to Stanford or work at Google, then you’re an outsider.

That’s why Woven exists – to give outsiders a fighting chance. We created a work sim that evaluates software engineering candidates differently, and we apply the same concept to our own hiring process.

We believe opportunity isn’t a game for elites. It’s real life for real people — people like you who give teams like ours the ability to change the world.

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our mission

Woven does things differently.

We're helping companies hire engineers based on ability, not pedigree. We’re on a mission to create better teams through fair and intentional hiring. That’s how we hire, too.

Benefits of Being at Woven

Transparent Salaries

Company Ownership

With 10-year exercise period

Competitive Salary

Unlimited PTO

Minimum 38 days PTO, including a highly-encouraged, 2-consecutive week break

401k with Match

WFH Stipend

$500 budget for WFH essentials

Fully Distributed Team

We were remote before remote was cool

Health, Dental and Vision

8 Weeks Paid Parental Leave

How We Hire

The Interview Process

A deliberate interview process that gives you every chance to show your best self.

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What It Means to Be a Wover

Mission Driven

All of our values exist to support our mission. We’re here to eliminate the gap between talent and opportunity.

1% Better

We launch quickly and iterate, accomplishing big goals in small chunks. For our entire first year, the frontend of our product was PDFs that we put in a shared Google Drive because it was fast and got the job done.

Ownership Mentality

Ownership is a 2-way street. Wovers get meaningful equity plus the financial transparency to value that equity. We also have a 10-year exercise window so you can keep the ownership you earned.

Peak Performance Requires Recovery

We have unlimited PTO with a 38-day minimum. We strongly encourage one 2-week vacation per year (and our executive team leads by example!)

Candor with Care

Because our mission matters, we must be able to disagree and help each other get better. Feedback is a gift! And because we’re human, disagreeing can be hard, so we take the extra care to invest in getting to know each other and in crafting feedback kindly.

Move with Urgency and Focus

We define specific collaboration hours to reserve focused blocks of time for deep work. We also use Slack as an async channel that doesn’t require constant monitoring.