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How Zepz Replaced Their Takehome To Improve Candidate Completions, Speed Up The Process & Level Up Hiring Quality


Zepz Pay, a large FinTech company offering payment solutions to customers all over the world, was rapidly expanding its engineering team in new regions.

As they ventured into new markets and ramped hiring plans aggressively they were looking for ways to automate tech vetting without sacrificing the quality of candidates or candidate experience.

Talk about a big initiative! 

The Situation

With an aggressive hiring plan of 50 new Senior and Staff level engineers across multiple different regions the Zepz team was looking to standardize the hiring process.

From recruiting’s perspective they needed:

  • A fair and unbiased approach to vetting
  • A quick process that reduced candidate drop-off

Engineering leaders shared that they:

  • Needed a signal on seniority and skill level to ensure the quality of hire
  • Specific skill assessments for various roles on the team as they grew

The Solution

Zepz was considering three potential options to solve their problem:

  1. Maintain their current take-home project, but work to improve
  2. Codility
  3. Woven

Eventually, they landed on using Woven to replace their take-home project.

The decision came down to quality of scenarios, level of analysis for each candidate and candidate experience.

Each hiring manager met with Woven to select specific scenarios for the individual roles and seniority levels.  They then benchmarked these scenarios with their current team to calibrate the scoring.

This kept their bar high for candidates who advanced to final round and eventually would be hired.

The Results

After 3 months of using Woven, Zepz was able to make 26 hires across a variety of different roles.

Here’s the details on their hiring funnel ⬇️


Candidate Dropoff

Prior to using Woven, Zepz would see a significant dropoff during their take-home project step in the hiring process.

Candidates were unsure about the time commitment and would ghost the recruiting team before completing.

After inviting 561 candidates to complete Woven, Zepz saw a 79% completion rate.  Approximately the same as their phone screen step.

This was true even for Senior and Staff level roles! 


When your team needs to hire 50+ Senior and Staff level engineers in the next 12 months there’s no time to waste.

Speed was a critical factor for success.

The average candidate results were turned around within 3 hours.

The burden of grading a take-home was lifted from the team which allowed them to focus on moving qualified candidates through to interviews quickly.


Because the Zepz team benchmarked the assessments against the current team they were able to ensure the quality of every candidate hired.

Of the 26 hires made, the average score was equal to or higher than the Zepz benchmark for the role and seniority level.

This gave them the confidence to move quickly on candidates and trust they would level up the team.

Saved Time

Hiring at this scale would typically require a significant amount of engineering time to interview and vet candidates.

After implementing Woven 1 out of every 3 candidates who passed Woven was hired.   

Zepz has saved almost 12 weeks of engineering time by using Woven.

That’s a full quarter of productivity won back for their team to focus on deploying critical improvements to their product. 

"Exceptionally Valuable Tool"

“This tool has proven exceptionally valuable for our skills-based hiring approach.

Their support stands out as one of the best we’ve encountered. Their commitment to helping us succeed is truly exceptional.

– Bobby, Global Talent Operations & Analytics

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