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How Expected Behavior Changed Their Tech Assessment Process To Save Time


Expected Behaviora bootstrapped start-up building software for product management, app monitoring and more was looking to add a new member to the team.

Because hiring is infrequent and their focus on culture fit is critical for the small team they faced a few challenges.

The Situation

Prior rounds of hiring consisted of multiple rounds of live interviews with several folks from the Expected Behavior team.

Because of their need for a strong culture fit the first interview was focused intently on how the candidate would fit.

This required a huge investment of time for the team to find the right candidate.

Additionally, the risk of finding a great culture fit before the technical fit created some challenges for the team.

They were spending a half day with each candidate on technical skills!

The Solution

Expected Behavior decided to shake things up with their interview process to help reduce some of the time burden for the team.

Rather than doing culture fit first they were planning to do a technical assessment to ensure the capabilities were there.

But, they couldn’t afford to spend a half day assessing tech skills with all candidates.

Woven’s reputation of being able to vet not just coding ability but communication and collaboration led them to test it out.

The Results

Here’s what James, Chief Product Officer at Expected Behavior, reported…

“We probably saved 100 hours of development time.  It was a big savings for us.”

Most important capabilities?

“We got a lot out of the written explanation part of the tech assessment.  Communication is extremely important as an organization.  The signal on that worked out better than we hoped.”

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