How Arkifi went from being "bogged down with technical interviews" to landing 4 hires in just 8 interviews.

Background, a FinTech company automating financial analytics, was looking to add 2 to 4 engineers to their team as they came out of ‘stealth mode’.

They were actively recruiting candidates and then using HackerRank for a technical screen prior to the technical interview. 

The Situation

Niki, VP of Engineering, told Woven, “I am bogged down with interviews.  I am doing between 2 and 3 a day trying to keep up.”

The challenge was most of these interviews were not successful.

The amount of time spent in interviews was slowing down their progress to get out of stealth mode.   But, they also needed to make the hires to continue development.

The Solution

Arkifi needed to find a solution that would save engineering time but also be predictive of success in the role, especially for Staff Software Engineers.

After moving forward with Woven they were able to get an assessment set up that allowed them to get a signal on:

  • Code Review & Architecture
  • System Design
  • Communication
  • Data Structures & Algothrims

They were able to work with Woven to set benchmarks to keep their hiring bar high and reduce the time spent with unqualified candidates.

The Results

Akriki went from doing 2-3 interviews a day to doing just 8 interviews to land 4 hires!


Completion Rate

After moving from HackerRank to Woven their candidate completion rate increased to 74%.

This is exceptional for Staff Engineers.

Time Saved

After doing 2 to 3 technical interviews a day trying for weeks without making a hire Arkifi was able to make 4 hires from just 8 technical interviews.  


Speed To Hire

Landing great hires was critical for Arkifi to be able to come out of ‘stealth mode’. 

Not only was the time spent interviewing pulling their engineering team off production, but they needed a larger team to continue to build.

They were able to make 4 hires in just 49 days with Woven.

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