Code Review Scenario

Senior engineers review code more than write it. 🧐

Now you can assess it.

NEW! GitHub Pull Request Review Scenario

Senior engineers spend more time reviewing code than writing it. Instead of having them cram for an automated code quiz, now you can assess the work they’d actually be doing.

Running this assessment yourself not only slows down your team, it also risks losing the candidate in the hiring process.

That’s why we’ve built it for you.

How it works

Candidates are prompted to review a PR in GitHub and are assessed on effectiveness and etiquette.


An example

You’ll be able to see how candidates:

  • Understand the code they’re reviewing
  • Find and articulate potential issues with the code
  • Write clear, actionable feedback that can help the code’s author improve

What happens next?

Your candidate’s code review is double-blind scored by real engineers against an incredibly detailed rubric. You’ll get same-day results so you can move quickly on engineers who meet your team’s standards. ⏩

"The experience interview of my life. We usually don't like interviews. Usually, they are intended to find flaws and negative aspects that we all have, so we try to hide them. But I was so impressed with the test because it was not focused only on the tech knowledge; there were questions to understand how we treat our coworkers and identify and solve problems above the code."
Woven Candidate
Senior Software Engineer

Assess Beyond Code

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