Technical Assessments To Hire Experienced Engineers

Identify The Best Candidates, Zero Engineering Time

Human-powered technical assessments that create a great candidate experience while saving your team from failed technical interviews so you can hire the best candidates faster.

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Hire The Right Candidates, Half The Time

Woven helps your team get a strong signal on real-world technical skills so you can confidently and quickly make hiring decisions.

Streamline your technical vetting by testing for skills like code review, debugging systems, collaboration and programming.

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Build Assessments Calibrated To your Senior-Level Roles

Basic programming isn’t enough to be a great fit for the team.  Instead of building a take-home project or doing technical interviews why not answer a few questions about the role and build your assessment in minutes? 

Select from scenarios that cover skills like code review, system design, debugging systems and technical collaboration.   

Each assessment is benchmarked against industry pay bands or your current team.

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Keep Your Top Candidates Engaged

Experienced engineers balk at contrived code quizzes.  Reduce candidate dropouts and improve pass rates for final interviews by creating an engaging candidate experience. 

With engaging real-world scenarios completed in a short, timeboxed session candidates are able to put their best foot forward to show case their skills. 

Every candidate gets detailed technical feedback on their work. 

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Increase Bandwidth, Maintain Your Hiring Bar

Engineering teams don’t have the bandwidth to sit through hours of failed technical interviews.  With Woven, you get a detailed analysis of each candidate’s technical strengths and weaknesses.   Use the results to identify which candidates are most likely to be a strong technical fit and pass subsequent interviews.  

The work is double-blind scored by two certified engineers using a detailed rubric to ensure consistency.  

Every assessment goes through Woven’s Async Proctoring to detect any plagiarism or use of ChatGPT.  

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"There's no way we would have been able to hire so many people so quickly without Woven and also continue to create our product."
Leslie Carr
Head of Engineering @ PandoHR
"3 out the 6 hires I've made, we've beaten out competitors because we literally got the offer to them before the other offers came in. It's a secret sauce."
Luke Mercado
Co-Founder and CTO @ Daybreak Health
"I call Woven an experience because it wasn't a test. It was delightful. It's really cool and exciting. I don't know if I can say enough about how good it is."
Tim Butler
VP of Engineering @ Zotec Partners
“It’s early, but I think what you all have built is really cool… it’s close to real life work and captures the multifaceted nature of being an engineer.”
Cyrus Karbassiyoon
VP of Engineering @ Scratchpad

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