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A Flexible Solution To Your Tech Recruiting Needs

As more teams have chosen to hire remote they’ve quickly noticed that it’s just…DIFFERENT.

If you’re hiring remote you know that you get 2-3x more applications per open role.

2024 has us seeing more extremely qualified candidates on the market.There’s a good chance a Senior Engineer fro AirBnB or Meta could apply for you role.

Developers are also different!  They prefer a ‘self-serve’ style hiring process and do most of their work async.  But, they are demanding and require quick and relevant info.

Doing More With Less...

Most teams are being asked to do more with less, even as they look to add headcount and bring on new developers.

Recruiters are carrying more reqs than ever or hiring managers are picking up the slack.

All this is understandable!  Companies are being conservative with their hiring plans which means they may be hesitant to bring on more full-time recruiters.

Embedded Tech Recruiting

Now Woven allows you to bring on a technical recruiter as needed to help accelerate your developer hiring.

Our talent acquisition experts, who’ve hired thousands of developers, will jump right to optimize your hiring.

And we’ll do it at HALF the price of a traditional embedded recruiter + you only pay for success.

Candidates rate Woven 4.8 out of 5 stars for experience and ease of use.

Hiring with Woven will save you at least 36 hours per hire while hiring 30% faster

Hire a full team of tech recruiting experts for HALF the cost of an embedded recruiter

The Only Embedded Technical Recruiting Services With A Human-Powered Tech Assessment

With Woven you get the benefit of partnering with technical recruiting experts who not only can help you manage the top of funnel and optimize your strategy, but that can assess your candidates.

We’ll help calibrate a technical assessment based on the role, seniority and specific skills needed for the team.

This ensures when a candidate gets to the first round of interviews with your team they are qualified.

You’ll spend 50% less time interviewing and hire faster.

Get a detailed analysis on candidate skills benchmarked against your team or industry standards.

Only Pay For Success

Woven’s Embedded Tech Recruiting services are a simple monthly subscription model with a twist!

Pay $500/mo for up to 3 active reqs and a small $8,000 success fee for each hire made through Woven.

We’re so confident you’ll love working with Woven that we have TWO guarantees…

60-Day Money Back Guarantee 

If you aren’t happy for any reason in the first 60 days we’ll refund any money paid.

365-Day Successful Hire Guarantee

Making the hire is just the start! Woven guarantees every new hire for 365 days. If they don’t stick we’ll credit you back and help hire again.

Want To Learn More?

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