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Woven customers have a 90% completion rate on their take-homes.

candidate experience matters

Engineering candidates can drop out of your interview process for a number of reasons. The most common:

  1. They refuse your assessment because it’s time-consuming and tedious
  2. They ghost you because you move too slow
  3. They accept another offer because they didn’t have a great experience

Woven helps eliminate the most common reasons for drop-off. We’ve designed our work simulations to be faster, more transparent, and more focused on providing candidates with positive experiences. As a result, senior engineers really like taking them — just look at our hundreds of reviews on G2.

Datavant went from 40% to 87% completion rate with Woven. Candidates say what they’re doing with HR, phone screens, and Woven gives them a different type of interview experience.

How We Do It

Real Work

We believe engineers do their best work when it looks like work they'll actually do on the job. Our assessments are built specifically for experienced engineers, so the completion rate is the same as a phone screen.

Same-Day Feedack

All candidates who complete our simulations get detailed feedback from actual engineers. We tell them what they did well, what went wrong, and what they can improve for next time.

Async Testing

Whiteboards and live code quizzes induce anxiety and drive great candidates away. Our candidates work their short, time-boxed scenarios asynchronously, with focus, from home.

“I've been telling everyone about Woven, how interesting the problems were, and the detail and promptness of the feedback. I wish all tech companies approached their take-home assessments like this!
Woven Candidate

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