Be a Part of Woven

The Woven Interview Process

A deliberate interview process that gives you every chance to show your best self

Here at Woven, we try our best to make every hiring process fast, fun, and fair–just like our product does.

For each step, our goal is to gather evidence about our fit together based on the specific goals we have in mind for this role. We use that evidence (mostly stories about what you’ve done in the past combined with your demonstrated work in a work sample) to complete a rubric that helps us make a rigorous decision.

Because real work doesn’t involve pop quizzes, we provide full prep guides with the goal of maximizing your chance of showing your real, best self. We give you plenty of opportunities to ask questions, since we know you’re interviewing us just as much as we’re interviewing you.

We know that interviewing sucks, and we’re here to change that. Our hiring process helps us decide whether our open role is the best next step in your career.