September 14, 2020

Introducing: The Scaling Software Teams Podcast

By Luke Whitson


My name is Wes Winham, and I want to help you scale your engineering team.

I want to help because I had the same challenge. I felt the pain.

I spent the last decade responsible for product and engineering at a SaaS startup called Policystat. Hiring and onboarding engineers was the most challenging part of my job, but, it was definitely the most important.

From hiring to, onboarding, to structuring teams. The human side was HARD.

Leading a team through scale can feel isolating, but I was lucky enough to find a group of folks going through the same situation. We had lunch every week and it was the most valuable thing I did. Learning from their successes and failures helped me feel like I wasn’t alone.

With this podcast, I want to share that sense of community. We’ll share the trials, tribulations, and keys to success for high-growth engineering leaders all around the world. We will learn together about how to scale a world-class engineering organization through hard-won stories about hiring developers, structuring teams, scaling collaboration, and managing managers.

Every Monday, I’ll deliver interviews with engineering leaders from high-growth companies about how they hire, and how you can get hired on their team.

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This show is brought to you by my company, Woven. At Woven, we help software teams screen engineering candidates so they can spend less time on bad interviews, uncover hidden gems, and back their hiring decisions with evidence. If you want to learn more about how Woven could help you scale your software team, you can check us out here.

I’m excited to learn along this journey with you, and am always looking for your feedback about how to make the show better. If you have anyone you think I should interview, tweet me @weswinham or @woven_teams and I’ll reach out. Thank you so much for listening and subscribing, and I’ll see you next Monday.

About Scaling Software Teams

Scaling Software Teams is a weekly podcast from software leaders and practitioners about how to navigate fast growth without losing the magic that made that growth possible. This podcast is for current and future software leaders, and the teams they serve every day, about hiring developers, structuring teams, scaling collaboration, and managing managers.