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How Growth Software Teams Run Technical Interviews

Finally, a technical interview service that evaluates real engineering skills like architecture, debugging, and technical collaboration. Really. Try it yourself.

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The Technical Interview Tool That Raises The Bar On Candidate Quality AND Experience

Real Work Scenarios Send a Clearer Signal

Candidates complete free-text work simulations that feel like the job, not Fizzbuzz code quizzes. We built Woven to be worthy of experienced engineers.

Save Some Real Engineering Time

Woven’s Engineer Evaluation Engine eliminates as much as 50% of your team’s engineering time in technical interviews. The double-blind scoring also helps reduce bias.

Give Candidates Real Technical Feedback

Every applicant gets personal engineering feedback. It’s not just a better interview experience, it’s the right thing to do. Maybe that’s why Woven has a 95% completion rate.

Hire Really Rad Hidden Gems

Recruit for ability, not just pedigree. Engineering managers find about 50% more qualified candidates in their existing talent pools with an early technical assignment.

“When it comes to recruiting and hiring decisions, Woven helps me sleep better at night. Knowing that there’s been this extra level of scrutiny.”
Steve Caldwell
VP of Technology
“It's a great product that helped us have confidence in our recruiting, which is so important, especially as a startup. Plus the team was great to work with - very collaborative and willing to offer general recruiting guidance along the way.”
Meg Harrison
Chief Operating Officer
Medical Imaging Startup
“Without Woven, I would have definitely passed on a candidate I ended up hiring. This was absolutely Woven's value prop being proven out.”
Andrew Robinson III
Sr. Director of Product and Engineering

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Hire faster when work scenarios show you which candidates are qualified

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