March 25, 2022

New Feature Drop: Mark Candidate As Hired

By Wes Winham

You know how it’s unwieldy to keep tabs on candidates sometimes? We got you.

Now you can easily track candidate status through Woven’s dashboard. It even notifies the team on Slack when you move someone to a new hiring stage.

And when your candidate accepts the offer, go ahead and slide that sweet dropdown to “Mark as Hired”. We’ll send a Slack message so everyone knows their recruiting hard work paid off. That’s right. Update status and then commence Slack celebratory messages.


Woven’s new feature, Mark as Hired, drops this week.
Woven’s new feature, Mark as Hired, drops this week.


With Woven, you also spend less time rummaging through messages to send hiring updates. Instead, keep tabs on technical interview progress from your Woven account by moving candidates to any stage.

To start tracking candidate status, simply go to an individual candidate or your candidates triage page. Next, use your “Choose an Action” dropdown menu to select any stage. When you choose Hired, just enter their start date and what their first hiring step was (Woven assessment or phone screen). That’s it! Woven will send a notification to your Slack channel so your team can pile on with celebratory emojis.

If you’re not a Woven customer yet and would like to learn more, check out our free trial at