Coding Interview Software

One of the greatest challenges for an IT company or department is hiring engineering talent. There are candidates who have excellent resumes and talk a good game but fall short when it comes to rolling up their sleeves and diving into code. Conversely, there are excellent coders who are “hidden gems” but haven’t developed resumes that adequately showcase their abilities. This means you can waste a lot of time poring through resumes and talking to candidates who are less than the best for the job. Also, you might develop great code interview questions and still not make the optimum hiring decision.

HR interviewers, even those with some understanding of the technical requirements, are hard-pressed to make a detailed judgment about technical competence. It takes most engineering teams about 65 hours per hire to make an accurate assessment of a candidate for a coding position. But wouldn’t you rather have those valuable people spending their time on expanding your product?

You can hand coding interview questions Javascript and coding interview questions Python to a general recruiter, but it’s hard for that person to evaluate the answers or come up with the best follow-up questions. And even when you bring in a real coder to participate in the interview, there are candidates who can talk knowledgeably about the language but can’t do well in a live coding situation.

The traditional approach has been the whiteboard coding challenge, where the candidate is given a board, marker, and a problem to solve for the interviewing audience. But it has shortcomings. Some coders don’t do well with people watching them. Some might introduce bugs that they would find quickly if they could actually run their code.
That’s where coding interview software like Woven not only allows candidates to show what they can do in a realistic coding environment but also integrates those results with other aspects of the interviewing process.

What about tools like Coderpad?

Coderpad is a technical interview tool that’s meant to replace whiteboard interviews. It somewhat resembles the whiteboard style interview, but in a Coderpad interview, the interviewer and the candidate share a browser window.

With a browser, the candidate may ask for more information from the interviewer and look up information on Google during the interview. Thus, depending on the languages for the job, the interviewer or candidate can ask Coderpad interview questions Python and Coderpad interview questions Java. Hiring companies can set up a Coderpad environment for 30 programming languages.

Though Coderpad has some advantages over a whiteboard interview, it still shares some of the whiteboard interview’s weaknesses:

-They are still live interviews
-There is still the stress of performing for an audience, which affects experienced engineers and is particularly harmful to underrepresented minorities
-There are still the biases that come into play based on the level of interpersonal connection between interviewer and candidate
-Another level of software support is needed to yield the best evaluation of the potential employee

Coding Interview Questions

Not every technical employee has the same job responsibilities or needs the same skills. You need full-stack engineers who can write frontend and backend code. They will be experts in web architecture and web applications. You need managers with technical skills who can organize work and set goals while still understanding the work at a reasonably detailed level. There are different experience levels:

-senior engineers who are expected to resolve problems independently, and
-junior engineers who may not know it all but need to understand when and how to ask for help

Woven supports customized evaluations capable of cracking the coding interview for several technical roles. For example, there should be Java live coding interview questions for a potential Java programmer based on the level of Java expertise that individual will need. Woven assesses candidates across a number of roles and skills, including frontend programming, backend programming, debugging, technical communication, and systems thinking.

It’s a lot easier to assess the necessary skills with an interview platform. You can ensure that the coding interview questions will make the top candidates stand out.

Coderpad SQL

No matter what language you’re coding in, sooner or later you’ll need to manipulate data structures. CoderPad has an online code editor for MySQL and PostgreSQL which allows you to create custom database environments. There’s a heavy emphasis on technical competency (good). But it’s not testing for systems design skills (bad).

The Coderpad online code editor, Coderpad SQL, allows the interviewer and candidate to create custom database environments where data structures can be built and manipulated with SQL. Suggested Coderpad interview questions include inner and outer joins and table relationships such as cardinality. They test the candidate’s understanding of SQL nuance.

Engineers need SQL commands not only to read and update relational databases but also to understand the generation of schema. Many jobs also require a comprehension of data architecture principles and how to represent real world information in a relational database.

Just about any engineer understands something about SQL, as the general concepts are not particularly complicated. Good coding interview software offers a platform for engineering leaders to assess SQL competency within the context of complex systems.

Live Coding Interview

A coding exercise is an outstanding tool for evaluating a candidate’s technical skills. However, the environment in which the exercise takes place can have as much impact on the results as the candidate’s coding ability.

There are interview software that use a top online code editor but still require candidates to perform for an audience. In the real world, nobody works this way. On the job, nobody has to work with a code share online capability where everyone can see what the interviewee is doing.

Another issue with the live coding interview is that the evaluation can be influenced by the interviewer’s personal view of the candidate. A non-live interview takes this potential bias out of the equation.

In a non-live interview, the candidate works separately on the problem, much as they will do if they’re hired. The results are evaluated by engineers who see the coding results but not the candidate.

Most interview software are sold for a fee, but there are free tools available. Vendors such as Woven offer an online coding interview tool free trial. Additionally, Woven engineers can evaluate the Woven results, allowing your engineers to stick to their important daily responsibilities.

Codeshare Alternative

If you’ve decided to automate parts of your interviewing process, you have a number of tools to choose from. Codeshare offers a shared code editor that they promote for teaching and troubleshooting, as well as for interviewing. A Codeshare alternative, Hackerrank, supports a Hackerrank live coding interview and also recommends their platform to engineers to hone their skills and prepare for interviews. Coderpad suggests questions for engineers in several languages, including Coderpad interview questions C++.

However, Woven has several advantages that aren’t found in other products. Our software tests not just coding but also debugging, architecture, and communication. Our engineers evaluate the results across these criteria and can analyze problem solving skills. We customize our assessment to your hiring needs, offering different scenarios for based on job description and levels of experience. Woven also integrates with your Application Tracking Software so you can send assessment tests to your chosen candidates.

Coding is critical, but there’s a lot more to an engineer’s job than writing code. We go beyond code. Woven offers the tools that make a complete appraisal of a candidate’s potential value to your organization.

Code Interview

It’s hard to get a real handle on whether a candidate fits the bill without a code interview test. If you’re looking for a live coding interview website, there are lots of vendors and products to choose from.

However, we’re convinced that Woven’s technical assessment platform offers a unique advantage. Our Engineer Evaluation Engine ensures that your company identifies and recruits the best technical staff.

We use an efficient process. Our software interviewing costs about 67% less than most recruiters and leads to three times more retention than the industry average. It reduces  the engineering time your team spends on technical interviews by 60%.

It’s an improved process for both you and your candidates. Our assessment can be used as a screening mechanism early in the process so that you spend extensive interview time only with the best candidates.

We help you find the “hidden gems,” the outstanding coders whose resumes don’t shine like they should and who would often be missed. Our customers find that about a third of their hires fall into this category and would have been overlooked by their previous processes.

Woven is the assessment platform that improves your process and gets the best engineers working at your company. We offer a free downloadable playbook for you to learn more.