Is a Coding Assessment the Right Path for Senior Developers?

Did you know the average person lies 200+ times a day? Except for politicians and lawyers, of course.

With a whopping 78% of candidates lying about their skills, hiring top-notch developers is becoming more challenging. You need more juice during the hiring process. And scrutinizing resumes and stalking LinkedIn profiles isn’t going to cut it.

Coding interview questions and assessments provide the juice you need to land the right talent.

Coding assessments/coding skills tests are standardized tests that hiring managers use to assess potential software developers’ skills. They come in a variety of forms, from tailor-made tests that might take weeks to prepare to the cookie-cutter coding assessment tools on the market today.

Unfortunately, these tests have a major flaw; they aren’t ideal for assessing experienced developers. Systems thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving are just a few of the many valuable skills senior developers possess. And most coding assessments focus only on code, making them better suited for assessing entry-level developers.

You need programming tests for interviews with the oomph, mojo, and questions that are worthy of experienced engineers.

You need Woven.

Coding assessment questions

Technology is currently on speedy cogs. The business with the latest tech that can revolutionize the economy will emerge the victor. And behind the curtains are millions of lines of code strategically written and executed by top-notch developers.

To answer the call for next-gen tech solutions, you need developers who are versed in various programming languages and who have killer coding skills.

The best way to gauge these skills is to deploy coding assessment questions during the hiring process. Coding questions for beginners should be basic and test the candidates theoretical knowledge. On the other hand, tests for senior developers should assess problem-solving skills, a workaround to real-world problems, and an end-to-end approach to coding projects.

You can refer to these Amazon coding questions with solutions to guide your interview question preparation. These questions mainly revolve around coding concepts such as arrays, strings, sorting and searching, graphs, backtracking, maths and stats, and dynamic programming. Adding some tricky programming questions to the mix will also help you gauge a candidate’s creative thinking.

But even with these coding questions, you can’t assess a senior engineer who’s skills have evolved and progressed past basic coding challenges. Without evolved questions, you risk missing experienced personnel during the hiring process.

Coding assessment platform

Times have changed, and onsite technical interviews are fading out of existence, partly due to tech advancement and health and safety risks. Hiring via coding interview platforms is the new way to stay ahead of the pack.

These online platforms provide collaborative environments to allow compelling live interviews and boost communication during online interviews.

Platforms such as CodeSignal offer general coding assessments made up of four challenges in varying difficulty and test coding skills centered around problem-solving and execution. Coderbyte also has an assessment with different difficulty levels and tests various coding skills.

Sure, these platforms successfully assess coding skills with a hint of problem-solving. But senior developers are more than that; they are experts in troubleshooting, collaboration, architecture, and debugging.

If you’re looking for senior developers who can revolutionize your business with their vast experience and badass skillset, consider using Woven instead.

We’ve designed our assessment platform to accommodate developers of all calibers. Our interview questions go way beyond code to include real-world challenges and solutions that help in your recruitment drive. You can use Woven to assess senior developers and rest assured that you’ll land a new hire who is the whole package.

Online coding assessment practice

Hiring senior developers isn’t anybody’s cup o’ joe. Under normal circumstances, a typical entry-level interview contains enough technical jargon to fill a football field. And that’s just for entry-level developers.

Now imagine interviewing a senior developer. These individuals have years of coding experience and skills in solving real-world technical challenges. Take a minute to soak in whether you can interview such an individual.

If not, no worries. A Coderbyte assessment is an excellent example of the online coding assessment practice you need. Combining these practice questions with some HireVue coding challenge examples creates the perfect coding assessment practice cocktail.

Additionally, here are a few ideas for questions to ask:

  • Describe the technologies, frameworks, and coding languages you’d use when tasked with developing a project from scratch on a 30-day timeframe.
  • What key metrics do you deploy to monitor and gauge your team’s performance?
  • What’s the best way to integrate a new hire into your team, and what’s the best advice you can offer?
  • What resources do you have to update you on the latest/current tech trends?
  • What security concerns would you have for a fintech company, and how would you solve them?

If you don’t want your mind to go blank during the interview, it’s best to prepare. New engineering leaders need all the practice they can get.

Or, you could opt to use the best technical assessment platform: Woven.

Software developer assessment test

Every business should appreciate the invaluable services senior developers bring to the table.

With the current demand for tech solutions, you need a team of engineers who can take your business to the next level. Creating such a team is no joke, and one wrong move can lead to a bad hire which will cost your company a lot of money and a lot of engineering time.

Most software development assessments tests focus too much on coding, making them better for hiring entry-level developers. The same goes for online coding tests.

Admittedly, most code assessment platforms provide great collaborative environments for live interviews, but they lack the ability to accommodate and interview senior developers.

The truth is, experienced engineers are the whole package; they have mad coding skills, understand collaboration, and can problem-solve on a dime. These individuals can revolutionize your company and make you a worthy FAANG competitor.

But to bring in this level of talent, you need to use a versatile assessment platform that’s designed to accommodate developers in multiple roles. Because the best coding assessment tools have questions that are worthy of a senior developer’s vast experience and skills.

In short, incorporating Woven into your recruitment drive gives you the best chance at hiring a hidden gem.

So, are you ready to transform your team? Start a free trial with Woven today!