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Woven is the pioneer and the leader in Human-Powered technical skills assessments.  Every submission from a candidate is reviewed by two Certified Engineers, is scored to an obsessively detailed rubric, and proctored for AI assistance detection.  

This allows the platform to generate recommendations for candidates beyond a simple score or percentage.   Candidate results come with a detailed work analysis, comparable if not better than, interview notes your current team would provide.   

Additionally, each candidate receives feedback on their work.  

Overview of Wovens Human-Powered Scoring For Technical Skills Assessments

Scorer Background and Selection:

Woven scorers for technical skills assessments have backgrounds in software development or software engineering. They undergo a thorough and deliberate selection process, including a work simulation where they score anonymized sample assessments. Approximately 20% of candidates pass this initial evaluation. The successful candidates then go proceed to complete an onboarding process, complete training modules and shadowing scorers during live scoring sessions. 

Certification Process:

Scorers that meet the bar for low error rates become certified as scorers of Woven’s technical skills assessment in production.  Each day scorers receive a detailed feedback report to with improvement notes from the Woven QA team. Woven leadership will also complete a monthly review of scorer performance to ensure KPIs and SLAs are met. 

Ongoing coaching for new scenarios, languages or changes to rubrics is done consistently.

Reliability and Consistency:

Each technical skills assessment submission from a customer’s candidate goes through a double-blind scoring process, graded to a specific rubric (looking for true/false items in each answer).   Although rare, less than 1% of the time, when a scoring discrepancy occurs on any individual rubric item the scores are reconciled by a Senior Certified Scorer.

Ensuring the highest standards of scorer reliability and consistency is integral to our commitment to delivering accurate and fair technical assessments.

Woven Technical Skills Assessment Scoring Process

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