What Is a Technical Interview? Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever noticed how time moves much slower when you are in an interview?

Can you recall your first-ever interview in detail, or were you too nervous to remember?

It’s no secret: an interview isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a necessary tool. Multiple industries have unique interview processes, from case interviews to group interviews to serial interviews.

The tech industry has technical interviews. These are interviews conducted with candidates to gauge their technical capabilities, problem-solving skills, and thought process. A technical interview can last between one hour and a full day. Yeah, you read that right — a full day! It all depends on the demands of the post and the number of candidates. What’s worse is that a technical interview can have more than one round, including the HR, technical, and in-person interview rounds. The technical interview format can take place over the phone, online, or in-person.

Once the interviews are over, it’s time for you to compile the results and give feedback. This takes time and focused resources to provide. Oh, and your feedback may be a little biased.

Can you see how demanding and inefficient a technical interview process is?

All these demands have forced top brands to search for a reliable alternative to technical interviews.

At Woven, we took note of these demands. We created an online assessment platform for the tech industry. Our platform beats finding time to screen a bunch of resumes in the crevices of your day. Plus, we’ve incorporated coding interview questions that are up to date with modern tech requirements to suit all your organization’s hiring requirements.

With custom-made coding scenarios for your unique roles, Woven helps eliminate the early recruitment stages. Cut to the front of the line and get the most qualified candidates faster. When you reduce your hiring time, you also reduce the resources spent in the recruitment process.

Technical interview questions

You need to look beyond your candidates’ development capabilities and test for other communication and critical thinking skills. Unfortunately, the majority of technical test questions aren’t thorough in producing your most qualified candidate.

You’ll need to compile your technical test questions. While you are at it, go through these technical interview questions to ask your employer to get ready for what the candidate might ask you.

That might sound like a lot of work, especially if you’re conducting interviews for multiple roles. But the preparation will all be worth it.

So, what are the types of technical skills interview questions?

  • Programming skills to learn more about the candidate’s technical qualifications
  • Behavioral to get to know the candidate better and assess how well they suit your organization
  • Situational to evaluate the candidate’s problem-solving skills
  • Technical collaboration to learn how they communicate through written words

The technical skills interview process is time-consuming, biased, tiring, and isn’t thorough. Worse still, you may end up with the wrong hire.

Forego all these troubles for an efficient, state of the art, and dominant online assessment platform. Woven has technical tests that’ll suit any of your organization’s technical roles. While each position has unique requirements and qualifications, our platform incorporates essential skills including debugging, communication, and architecture.

Furthermore, the platform applies a holistic interview approach to produce the best candidate to fit your job post.

How to answer technical interview questions

Technical interviews are nerve-wracking and exciting. For the candidate, it’s the unpredictable technical questions you are about to fire their way. For you, it’s the different answers you get, and choosing the most qualified candidate based on these answers.

These technical interview tips will help prepare for technical interview questions. However, regardless of the roles you are conducting the interviews for, there’s no standard manual on how to answer technical questions. What matters is how the candidates approach the questions you ask.

At times, a candidate might not know the answer to your technical interview question. Don’t disqualify that candidate. To understand how to react when a candidate is stumped in the interview, this manual on how to answer technical interview questions you don’t know will help.

Not many technical interviewers are keen on providing feedback, resulting in a poor candidate experience. Between the numerous interviewing hours and result compilation, the interviewers are worn out. When they offer feedback, it isn’t very objective.

At Woven, Our engineers score your candidates based on their performance and offer less biased feedback. We believe feedback helps the candidates identify the areas that need improvement. For unsuccessful candidates, feedback will help them improve for their subsequent interviews. Most importantly, feedback boosts the candidate’s experience.

Technical interview example

Technical interviews often include several rounds. Google and Facebook budget 4 per hire because they’re a reliable way to understand how a candidate approaches problems and if they will gel with your team.

But not all technical interviews are alike. Many Big Tech companies use what’s called whiteboard interviews. Let’s set the scene for how these typically play out.

With a Simon Cowell-like hawk-eye gaze, you observe as each candidate demonstrates how to solve algorithms and data structure challenges on the whiteboard. Acing a traditional technical interview can be challenging, but possible with the proper resources on how to practice for technical interview questions. However, even after reviewing technical interview question examples, writing code under a microscope can overwhelm the brightest of programmers.

These interviews are resource and time-consuming as well as labor-intensive, as all the candidates have to demonstrate their coding skills (which could take days). You, the interview, might also be overwhelmed, resulting in biased or no feedback at all.

With an online hiring platform like Woven, interviewing numerous candidates is a walk in the park. Our platform interviews all of your candidates simultaneously and in real-time. Better still, when the interview is over, we have a network of experienced engineers who score your candidates’ performance and give unbiased feedback in record time. All your candidates have to do is review a technical interview questions and answers pdf for practice.

Technical interview questions software engineer

Software engineering is a broad field in computer engineering. The primary purpose of software engineering is designing, building, and developing computer systems and software applications that suit a customer’s needs. Such a broad field has multiple roles, each with unique sets of responsibilities and requirements.

Whether a domain-specific or general programming software engineer, you should be precise to find the ideal candidate. An unqualified software engineer will hinder your organization’s growth, and you don’t want to lose momentum because you’ve hired someone who can’t deliver.

Suppose you have dozens of open positions you need filled on your team ASAP. If multiple candidates apply to each position, you’re flooded with technical interviews. No wonder tech companies spend about 65 hours per hire on technical vetting. Conducting all these technical interviews the traditional way won’t cut it.

We understand how important the software engineering hiring process is for your organization. We know the challenges that come with interviewing for multiple roles. Yeah, a software developer interview questions and answers pdf can guide you through the process. However, you need more than that. You need a reliable online hiring assessment platform with up-to-date software developer technical questions for various roles.

At Woven, we designed our hiring platform to assess the different roles that your organization needs the most. Better still, each engineering role has unique technical interview questions. Based on your organization’s hiring needs, the various software developer roles we assess include:

  • Mid, senior, and junior full-stack engineers
  • DevOps and frontend developers
  • Mid, senior, and junior backend engineers
  • Mid and senior generalist engineers

Sign up for a free trial to see actual results and learn more about the roles we test.

Software engineer coding interview questions

The tech industry is developing faster. Organizations are constantly competing to either invent or grab the next big technology marvel. Most importantly, clients are ready to catch the next fantastic and most efficient tech that most suits their needs.

The common denominator in all these is a team of high-performance software engineers.

Putting together such a team is no easy feat. You need to invest time and resources. This process takes weeks, even with a software engineer interview cheat sheet. By the time you are done, your competitors are way ahead of you.

But, there’s another way to dominate your industry with the best software engineers the tech industry has to offer.

Woven is the only platform in the tech industry that top brands favor to produce the most qualified and ideal candidates to fill key engineering job posts. Our platform has unique abilities to find the most capable software engineers to handle any software engineering challenge.

To verify that a software engineer matches your job post, we subject them to real-world scenarios. Our updated software engineering coding interview questions assess all your candidates to produce the best match. Various entry-level engineer interview questions might guide you to get a junior developer. For a senior developer, this senior developer interview questions and answers pdf can assist you. The truth is, none of these resources can assess problem-solving aptitude, including debugging, technical collaboration, and architecture. And, there’s no other technical hiring platform with a network of experienced engineers ready to score your candidates with unbiased feedback for the ultimate candidate experience.

Woven is the only technical hiring platform that goes beyond code. At 1/3 of your hiring budget and up to 80% reduced hiring time, our state-of-the-art assessment tool gets you a high-performance engineering team that will help you stay miles ahead of your competition.

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