September 15, 2020

PRESS RELEASE: Developer Hiring Platform, Woven, Acquires NYC-Based Tech Screening Platform

By Wes Winham

This acquisition will provide Woven customers with a deeper bench of candidate assessments, while providing Headlight clients with dedicated support moving forward.

Indianapolis, IN: Woven, a software company that helps high-growth engineering teams hit ambitious hiring goals, has acquired Headlight, a tech screening platform based out of New York.

Over the past six months, the Headlight team has shifted their focus to a new venture, Midgame, providing communication analytics for esports teams. After an extensive search, they determined that Indianapolis-based Woven was the best landing spot for their current clients and technology.  

“Too many folks in our industry focus on credential-based hiring techniques that are outdated and lack predictive power. We have gotten to know the team at Woven and saw a shared belief in the power of work simulations to identify great talent,” said Jason Shen, CEO of Headlight. “We love the world-class experience they provide for job seekers, and believe they will provide world-class support for our customers.”

Over the coming weeks, all Headlight customers will be offered free hiring consultations by Woven.

This announcement comes on the heels of Woven’s January launch, backed by high-profile investors, including High Alpha Capital. The acquisition of Headlight helps the Woven team take one more step towards their ultimate goal of transforming the way that companies hire software engineers.

“We believe that developer hiring can, and should, be less biased,” said Wes Winham, CEO of Woven. “The team at Headlight shares that belief, and has already taken some big steps towards solving that problem. We’re excited to work together to build on the foundation they laid for us.”

Over the coming year, Woven anticipates screening tens of thousands of engineering candidates to help them find their dream job at software companies throughout the United States.

About Woven:

Woven’s evidence-based developer hiring platform helps high-growth software teams hit ambitious hiring goals. They accomplish that by improving the fuzziest step in the hiring process: candidate screening. WIth Woven, every candidate gets a fair chance to demonstrate their technical, problem-solving, and collaboration ability, so our customers find more great developers, and back their decisions with evidence, reducing bias.

Woven’s customers include many of the country’s fastest growing B2B software teams, such as Lessonly, PactSafe, and Springbuk. For more information about how Woven can help you hit your ambitious developer hiring goals: or follow on Twitter at @woven_teams.

About Headlight:

Headlight is a performance hiring platform. We offer scalable, candidate-friendly tech screening services to streamline hiring for some of the smartest technology firms in the world. We help surface talent through our fun tech tournaments, where candidates compete for glory, prizes, and introductions to top employers. Our mission is to transform the way talent finds opportunity and make hiring less painful for everyone.

Headlight was founded by Jason Shen and Wayne Gerard, they are alumni of Etsy, Bloomberg, and Stanford, and backed by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures and Green D Ventures.