Prevent Mis-Leveled Engineering Hires

Cut your mis-leveled engineering hires in half. ✂️

In an industry where 1 in 3 engineering hires are mis-leveled, customers using Woven reduce their mis-hires by more than 50%.

Houston, we have a mis-leveling problem

Finding and hiring accurately leveled senior engineers is tough, and existing technical assessments and automated code quizzes aren’t cutting it. We’ve been talking with engineering leaders and you might be surprised at what we’ve heard.

A VP of Engineering at a Fortune 100 Media Company said, “We have an endemic mis-leveling challenge.”

Woven agrees, and here’s how we’re solving for it.

Case Study #1: A Series B AI Company backed by Craft Ventures

Industry averages report that 1 in 3 team members will underperform for the seniority of a given engineering role.

Since using Woven, this Series B Startup made 11 recent hires and only 1 is underperforming.

Can you guess which hire underperformed based on their Woven scores?

"In my prior role hiring hundreds of engineers in Silicon Valley, 1 out of 3 hires didn't perform. With Woven, only 1 out of 11 hasn't performed and that person had a noticeably lower Woven score."
Woven Customer
VP of Engineering @ Multi-Billion Dollar Tech Company

Case Study #2: A Series D Fintech Startup

This customer made 12 hires using Woven’s work simulation in the last year.

Of those 12 hires, the only 2 underperforming came in below Woven’s calibration. 

Can you guess which ones underperformed based on their Woven scores?

How Do We Do It?

Evaluate Impact

Senior engineers are more impactful due to their judgment in systems design and technical collaboration. They're not just faster at inverting a binary tree.

Consistent Signals

We use scenarios like Code Review and Systems Design to give consistent signals on seniority.

A High Bar

We're different than an automated code quiz, but not easier. You keep a high bar and cut mis-leveled hires in half.

End Your Mis-Leveling Challenge

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