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Get the quality signal of a take-home without the admin or candidate drop-off. 💆‍♂️

As Mark Twain famously said, I didn't have time to build a short take-home, so I built you this long one. Your team could absolutely spend time to distill your take-home and reduce admin. Or maybe Woven could handle it.

not all take-homes are created equal

Take-home tests are great because they give you the chance to “try on” working with a candidate. But there are a few downsides.

Engineering take-homes have high drop-off rates because senior engineers who apply to multiple positions won’t do a bunch of 10-hour tests. They also take lots of engineering team time to score, administer, create, and maintain, which slows down the hiring process and ultimately hurts your offer acceptance rate.

The solution? ⬇️ 

Your take-home is more than code. So are Woven's scenarios. 🏆

Engineering is more than Leetcode, which is why your take-home gives good signal. Get similar signal through a combination of Woven scenarios like code review, system debugging, frontend web, and more. Our tight timebox combined with individual engineering feedback on interesting work scenarios is why Woven gets a 85% completion rate. The same as a phone screen.

How Do We Do It?

Realworld Scenarios

We believe engineers do their best work when the assessment looks like what they'll really do on the job. Think code review, debugging, and system architecture challenges.

Tight Timebox

It sucks to spend days on a project for a company you don’t work for. Engineers get to take our work sims async in less than 90 minutes, depending on the role.

Feedback to Candidates

It also sucks to work hard on something and not hear anything back. We do what no other technical assessment does: send personalized, same-day feedback to every candidate.

“I've been telling everyone about Woven, how interesting the problems were, and the detail and promptness of the feedback. I wish all tech companies approached their take-home assessments like this!
Woven Candidate

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