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Hire Experienced Developers Faster & Better With Fewer Resources.

Woven’s Human-Powered Technical Assessments helps streamline the interview process while creating a 5-star candidate experience.

Streamline & Standardize Hiring With Woven's Human-Powered Tech Assessment

Talent teams are now flooded with 2X the volume of applicants for software development roles and being asked to do more with less amid cutbacks.

Woven can empower your talent acquisition team with the tools needed to streamline, standardize and accelerate the hiring process for developers.

Plus, candidates have given Woven a 4.8 out of 5-star rating for candidate experience.

Let’s dive into the details…

Automated Tech Assessments Miss The Mark

“I have noticed the caliber of candidates and the caliber of people that were hiring is so much stronger than it ever has been. And I think Woven is a big part of that.”

– Amanda Suter,  Talent Acquisition Specialist @ 15Five


How Talent Teams Are Using Woven...

Improve Standardization & Consistency

As team’s grow and more hiring managers are involved in the the vetting process it’s easy for the bar to slide when it comes to hiring great developers.

This becomes more important as you hire in new regions or spin up teams in new areas of the company.

With Woven you’ll be able to get:

✅ Industry and team benchmarks to ensure alignment across regions, roles and levels

✅ Detailed analytics so you can strategically improve the process

Streamline Your Vetting Process

Getting more candidates through your technical vetting can help you land a great hire faster.

But, that usually means you have to find time on a hiring manager’s calendar, which can be limited.

With Woven you can 3X your technical screening capacity and ensure only the most qualified candidates get to the technical interview.

Increase Hiring Velocity

We both know that great candidates won’t last long.  So every day you are waiting to schedule an interview or make a decision is a day they could be getting another offer .

Velocity Global was able to eliminate 2 interview stages after implementing Woven because of the signal the hiring managers were getting.

With Woven you’ll get:

✅  24/7 Access: The asynchronous assessment allows candidates to complete on their own time and eliminates calendar juggling.

Same Day Results: Get results in <6 hours so you can make quick decisions

Candidate Delight

Changing the candidate experience changes your hiring success.

Woven uses real-world scenarios (really), is inclusive by design, and offers feedback for every single candidate.


🥇 Top-rated Technical Assessment on G2

✅ 85% completion rate (the same as a phone screen)

🤩 4.94 of 5 candidate rating

Here's How Woven Works...

Custom Assessment, Calibrated For Your Roles

In less than 5 minutes build and calibrate a technical assessment for the role, senior level and unique skills needed.

Customize for time, type of role, tech stack and more with a few clicks.

No need for a deep understanding of the tech, your team can set these up on their own!

Senior Level Scenarios

Software Engineers do more than just code and your technical assessment should too!  Woven goes beyond the typical automated code quiz with real-world scenarios like reviewing a PR, debugging an outage, and handing off work to colleages.

Experienced engineers want to be evaluated on what makes them senior. That’s much more than code. Woven is the only option for senior-level scenarios like:

Code Review

Systems Design

Architecture Debugging

Scored By Real Engineers

Each candidate submission will be scored by two Woven Certified Engineers.  Double-blind scoring to a detailed rubric eliminates bias and guarantees consistent signal for the hiring team.

Scorer Background and Selection:

Our scorers possess backgrounds in computer science, software development, or software engineering. They undergo a rigorous selection process, including a work simulation where candidates score dummy assessments. Approximately 1 in 5 candidates pass this initial bar. The successful candidates then go through a multi-week onboarding process, engaging with training modules and scoring live assessments as a redundant 3rd scorer for certification.

Certification Process:

Scorers achieving a sufficiently low error rate (currently 6% or lower for initial certification, reducing to 5% or less in subsequent months) become certified as scorers in production. Day-to-day, scorers receive detailed reports on their mistakes and improvement notes from the QA team. Monthly reviews by Woven management ensure ongoing scorer performance. If error rates exceed our threshold, coaching is provided.

Reliability and Consistency:

Scorers operate in a double-blind environment, grading specific true/false rubric items within a scenario. Although scores should align, occasional discrepancies occur, necessitating a reconciliation scorer (3rd scorer) to decide the final score. Reconciliation errors are tracked and reported monthly, ensuring transparency. The error rate is approximately 1% due to the independent nature of double-scoring.

Detailed, Human-Powered Analysis

Async Proctoring

Woven has trained experts reviewing every single assessment for signs of external assistance, like ChatGPT.

They watch a live playback of the candidate’s submission, evaluating their behavior and final responses against guidelines our team has defined and tested.


🏁 Time spent on the assessment

😇 Behavior in the IDE

📏 Length of submitted content

🔬 Patterns in the content, observed over thousands of candidates

Seamless Integration With Your Process

Woven works with your existing hiring process and tools.   No need to jump between systems.

Your recruiting team can live in the ATS and your engineering team can live in Slack.  All without missing anything from Woven.

We weave right in, seamlessly.


You will find scenarios and assessments for the following:
Data Engineer
Data Science
ML/AI Engineer

We've specifically designed the product to help team's hire experienced developers.

You will find assessments for:

PostgreSQL (Postgres)
React Native

"This tool has proven exceptionally valuable for our skills-based hiring approach. The burden of grading is lifted from our shoulders, thanks to their dedicated team, which meticulously reviews both the code and the scenarios. The candidate experience is outstanding. They prepare candidates thoroughly and provide comprehensive feedback."

Bobby K.
Global Talent Operations & Analytics @ Zepz
"I have noticed the caliber of candidates and the caliber of people that were hiring is so much stronger than it ever has been. And I think Woven is a big part of that."
Amanda Suter
Talent Acquisition Specialist @ 15Five
"In all honesty, all I care about is that I'm getting good quality candidates in a day, and whatever process you’re doing is magic and it works."
Amir Tasbihi
Co-Founder & CTO, Gryps
"This is the only technical assessment I walked away from thinking it actually represented my abilities to communicate and problem solve on realistic, end-to-end problems. I would interview this way every time if I could."
Aleita Herrera-Train
Woven Candidate
"3 out the 6 hires I've made, we've beaten out competitors because we literally got the offer to them before the other offers came in. It's a secret sauce."
Luke Mercado
Co-Founder and CTO @ Daybreak Health
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