February 25, 2022

Tech Interview Platform Woven Launches “Woven Match” and Lands $8m Investment to Make Hiring Developers Radically Better

By Casey Higgins


INDIANAPOLIS – February 1, 2022 – Today, Woven, a tech interview platform for hiring engineers at software companies, announced that it’s launching “Woven Match”. The new service pairs hiring managers with experienced developers based on their Woven assessment results. Engineering candidates who complete Woven’s work simulation can choose from multiple remote job opportunities at companies that use Woven, which gives technical talent a leg up on their job search.

Competition for experienced software engineers is intense, especially now that companies can recruit in remote markets. Engineering teams can require up to 8 interviews and often do not communicate effectively with candidates during their hiring process. As a result, applying to multiple jobs is repetitive and time-consuming. Woven Match combats strenuous, unnecessary interviews by allowing candidates to apply once, match with multiple companies, and then get fast-tracked to later-stage interviews.

Woven’s CEO, Wes Winham Winler, states, “There’s a global shift underway from hiring local personal networks to remote talent based on work ability. Our mission is to eliminate the gap between talent and opportunity.”

The Indianapolis-based company has more than doubled its revenue and headcount over the past 8 months after previously raising its seed round in March 2020. Unlike other technical assessments and interview tools, Woven uses a combination of human and machine-powered evaluators to uncover candidates who are excellent problem-solvers based on systems architecture & debugging ability, communication skills, and programming competence.

“Woven really helps us stand out positively in the minds of prospective candidates,” said Binil Thomas, Vice President of Engineering at Orum, a sales tech company that has seen triple-digit growth this year. “Instead of academic computer science trivia, we’re using real-world scenarios to find engineers with high-quality skills. And many of those candidates told me that the long-form feedback from Woven after the evaluation was a refreshing experience in their job search.”

One Woven Match candidate, Spencer, opted-in after achieving high Woven scores. He was matched to multiple open roles at different companies. After reviewing his options, Spencer got excited about one match in particular: “We matched and I love the role! Working in the crypto space is my passion and the project is very interesting. Appreciate making the connection and it was a very positive experience.”

Spencer isn’t an outlier. Nearly 20% of matches on Woven Match have turned into an offer. It’s a happy ending for candidates like Spencer, the companies recruiting experienced engineers like him, and Woven. Early traction with Woven Match helped the company land an $8 million Series-A fundraise led by new investor Allos Ventures with participation from existing investors including High Alpha and Elevate Ventures.

“Work is changing, and we’re proud to invest in Woven’s vision for the future of how people get hired to do that work,” said Don Aquilano, Managing Partner at Allos Ventures. Aquilano adds, “My children are getting ready to enter the workforce and I want them to join a job market that’s equitable because it looks for the contributions they’ll make, not just their resume or connections.”

Woven plans to use the investment to expand Woven Match to more candidates. You can learn more about Woven Match and sign up for the waitlist here.

About Woven

Woven is the tech interview platform for scaling software teams. Engineering leaders at companies like Olive.ai, Deliverr, and Fetch Rewards use Woven to deliver a hiring process that’s fair, fast, and fun while maintaining a high bar for candidate quality. Unlike other technical assessments or interview platforms, Woven uses async work simulations to evaluate real problem-solving skills like systems architecture and debugging, technical collaboration, and coding skills. Learn more at woventeams.com.

About Allos Ventures

Allos Ventures invests in early-stage technology companies based in the Midwest. Investments focus on B2B software companies at the Seed to Series A stage, augmenting the capital provided by seed and startup investors. In addition to the capital Allos provides, portfolio companies benefit from the extensive operating and business-building experience of the firm’s managing partners, who make themselves available as needed to support each portfolio company’s growth.