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The technical work sim engineering leaders trust and senior engineers enjoy. 🤝

If you want to win the war for experienced developers, you need to provide a superior developer experience. That’s where we come in.

why candidates love woven

Our commitment to an exceptional candidate experience drives everything we do. Check out some of the most important, uncompromisable actions we take to put the developer first. 👇 

💡 Real work. No Leetcode. No BS code quizzes.

Woven cares about the candidate’s experience taking our work simulations. We believe engineers do their best work when technical vetting looks like what they’ll really do on the job. Think code review, debugging, and system architecture challenges.

⏰  Short, timed scenarios.

It sucks to spend days on a project for a company you don’t work for. Especially when your current commitments put you at a disadvantage if you don’t have the time to spend.

Our short, time-boxed scenarios put every candidate on an even playing field.

📝 Detailed feedback, every time.

It also sucks to work hard on something and not hear anything back. Every candidate who takes a Woven work sim receives detailed feedback to help them get better.

2,600 engineers gave Woven’s feedback a 4.8/5.

👨‍💻 Scored by our engineers — fast.

Every Woven work sim is double-blind scored by certified human engineers on a detailed rubric. The same work gets the same score, every time. And 98% of the time we turn around the feedback in one business day.

📊 Benchmarked by the team.

A candidate’s Woven performance is benchmarked against their future teammates. The team takes the same work sim as the candidate and is scored the same way! That’s what makes the scores meaningful — real life context.

💎  Your concerns matter.

Our rigor makes us consistent, but not infallible. If a candidate thinks something looks wrong with their feedback, they can appeal to our team. We’ll be happy to take another look.

"This was the best candidate skill test I’ve worked with. Felt like a great software engineering evaluation rather than just a coding problem!"
Woven Candidate

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