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There is no shortage of technical assessment platforms on the market, and choosing one can be overwhelming.  We’re here to help make it a littler easier to find the right one for you.

You’ll find several CodeSignal alternatives here: Top 5 Tech Assessments For 2024 List

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Senior-level Scenarios

If you are hiring experienced engineers then Woven’s scenarios might be exactly what you need to identify the best candidates.

The Woven scenario library was designed to help you understand engineer capabilities like code review, architecture, system design and collaboration.


Basic Code Challenges

Co is the technical assessment that’s been around the longest, which means they also have the largest library of assessments.

However, these challenges are usually off-putting to experienced engineers and lack the depth to give you signal on more than code.

5-Star Candidate Experience

Woven has a 4.8 star average rating from candidates.   This can be the difference in getting an accepted offer or not.

Candidates love that the scenarios are focused on real-world challenges they face in the role, time-boxed scenarios and the thoughtful candidate feedback.


Hesitation From Senior Developers

CodeSignal is a fully automated assessment which leaves a lot to be desired for experienced developers.

This can lead to low completion rates and increased drop out rates in your hiring funnel.

Human Scored & Detailed Analysis

Hiring teams get more than a score when assessing candidates.  Woven’s Certified Engineers review ever candidate submission, score to a detailed rubric and provide detailed notes on the work.

You get to see performance based on seniority, role specific skills and compare to your team’s benchmarks.

Black-box Scoring Percentages

Because CodeSignal focuses primary on the coding aspect of a software engineers job you get limited signal on other capabilities..

This may not be a problem for screening a lot of early career developers, but will require more work in future interviews for experienced engineer.

Pay For Results

Woven has monthly or annual plans based on successful hires.   Discounts for volume are available.

Annual Contract Required

Based on research at the time of writing CodeSignal required an annual subscription of $10k or more.

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We've been able to find and recruit more candidates in the past few weeks than the past few years. The amount of time it is taking us to find, vet and make a hiring decision has been reduced by no less than 80% per hire. Our recruiting costs have reduced by 65% on average per hire. These are some amazing outcomes and unprecedented improvement in our hiring metrics.
Richard Siebels
“I've been telling everyone about Woven, how interesting the problems were, and the detail and promptness of the feedback. I wish all tech companies approached their take-home assessments like this!
Woven Candidate
"I have noticed the caliber of candidates and the caliber of people that were hiring is so much stronger than it ever has been. And I think Woven is a big part of that."
Amanda Suter
Talent Acquisition Specialist @ 15Five
“It’s early, but I think what you all have built is really cool… it’s close to real life work and captures the multifaceted nature of being an engineer.”
Cyrus Karbassiyoon
VP of Engineering @ Scratchpad

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