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Why Customers Choose Woven Over Karat

There are a plethora of technical assessment solutions, and choosing one can be overwhelming.   We want to make it easy for you to pick the right solution for you.

Keep on reading to learn more about the various features of each product.

24/7 Scheduling

With Woven there is no calendar juggling to schedule time with an interview. Candidates can complete their technical interview any day, at any time.

Designed For Experience Engineers

Woven has specifically built assessments to help you identify qualified Senior Software Engineers.

Detailed Analysis & Insights

Each candidate recommendation comes packed full of insights. Detailed interview notes on the candidates work. Calibrated scoring, benchmarked against your team.

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Getting the Right Signal

Woven allows you to select from a library of scenario-based challenges that mimic real-world work an engineer might encounter on the job.

Calibrate for the role, seniority level (up to Manager), and skill sets you need.


Interview Questions

Karat uses their own interviewers to deliver 3 technical questions to candidates.

These can also be calibrated and adjusted based on industry and include junior, mid and senior level questions.

Built To Fit Your Interview Process

Woven’s large library of scenarios and flexibilty to fit anywhere in your current process allows teams of all sizes to get the results they want.

This allows teams and companies of all sizes to utilize Woven.

Built For Big Tech

Karat’s interviews are built to fit into the Big Tech/Silicon Valley process.

Their interview questions are styled like black-box, algorhithmic interview questions.

Asynchronous Assessments

Candidates can complete their assessment on their own time.   With 24/7, 365 access it makes it easy for them to do it when they will perform their best.

~80% of candidates complete on nights and weekends.

Woven allows candidates to complete the assessment over a 24 hour window and take breaks between the questions as needed.

Scheduling Required

Because candidates are meeting with an interviewer it requires candidates to find an available time to meet.

Karat claims to have 24/7 support and availability for candidates.

Scored & Proctored By Certified Engineers

Every candidate’s work is scored by two Woven Certified engineers.

Each submission is double-blind scored to a detailed rubric to ensure consistency and eliminate bias.

Scorers also proctor the assessment for ChatGPT detection.

Trained Interviewers

Karat has a training and onboarding program for their interviewers.

Candidates will meet with an Interview Engineer to complete their interviewer.

There is only 1 scorer providing an analysis of the work.

Detailed Analysis & Recommendations

Each results will include:

✅ Overall Score

✅ Skill Specific Scores

✅ Team Benchmark Comparisons

✅ Detailed Analysis

Interview Analytics

Karat provides customers with a score, recommendation and write up for each candidate.

Additionally, hiring teams can review the playback of the interview for more details.

Customers of Woven have reported that having to watch the playback of the interviews to make a decision led to an increase in time spent on hiring decisions.

Same Day Results 

Woven promises same day results for each candidate.

Making quick decisions with in-demand candidates is critical for you to hit hiring goals.

Expedite your results and get them as quick as 4 hours.

Candidate Recommendations

It’s not clear how quickly results are delivered via Karat.

Customers have reported delivery time to be anywhere from 1-3 business days.

Only Pay For Hires

With Woven you only pay for successful hires.    Fixed costs allow for easy budgeting and allows you the freedom to make the best hire without worry.

Pay Per Interview

Karat charges per interview.  This makes your cost unknown based on the role and may pressure you into making a hiring decision.

🌟 Woven Guarantee🌟

We’re so confident in delivering results that we are the ONLY technical assessment to offer not one but TWO guarantees.

60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with the product, for any reason, in your first 60 days we’ll provide a full refund.

365-Day Successful Hire Guarantee

Every hire you make through Woven is guaranteed to stay with you for a full year.  If they leave, for any reason, we’ll credit the hire back and help you hire again.

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“I've been telling everyone about Woven, how interesting the problems were, and the detail and promptness of the feedback. I wish all tech companies approached their take-home assessments like this!
Woven Candidate
"I have noticed the caliber of candidates and the caliber of people that were hiring is so much stronger than it ever has been. And I think Woven is a big part of that."
Amanda Suter
Talent Acquisition Specialist @ 15Five
“It’s early, but I think what you all have built is really cool… it’s close to real life work and captures the multifaceted nature of being an engineer.”
Cyrus Karbassiyoon
VP of Engineering @ Scratchpad
"There's no way we would have been able to hire so many people so quickly without Woven and also continue to create our product."
Leslie Carr
Head of Engineering @ PandoHR
"3 out the 6 hires I've made, we've beaten out competitors because we literally got the offer to them before the other offers came in. It's a secret sauce."
Luke Mercado
Co-Founder and CTO @ Daybreak Health
"This is the fairest interview I've ever done. It gave me a chance to showcase my strengths as a candidate, and made me feel a lot more at ease than some of my past interviews."
Woven Candidate

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