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Automatically Screen Out Unqualified Candidates While Giving Them A 5-Star Experience In A Fully Compliant Way

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Woven’s AI Tech Recruiter helps you with…

Custom Rubrics

Use your job criteria (years of experience, industry experience, location, etc) to create a detailed and custom rubric that will help objectively screen out unqualified candidates so that you can quickly chat with the most qualified. 

AI Scoring

Let the robots work…The AI Tech Recruiter will use your custom rubric to instantly score each application that comes in and reject those that are not qualified for the job. It can even flag edge cases for manual review by the team. 

Candidate Friendly

Every candidate will get detailed, personalized feedback on their next steps, even that if that’s a rejection. Your AI Tech Recruiter can use the logic an objective criteria to share why a candidate didn’t move forward.  

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