Replace Automated Code Quizzes

Woven fits where code quizzes fit. 🧩

Woven sits in the same spot in your interview funnel and integrates with leading Applicant Tracking Systems and jobs boards. Get unlimited candidates, 24/7 access (with no need to schedule), and same-day results. 

Code Quizzes Don’t Work For Experienced Engineers

Senior engineers are problem solvers. They’re not just junior engineers who code faster. And they’re scarce  they resist automated code quizzes. Candidates go elsewhere. 

Your Talent Acquisition team wants to help, but technical recruiting isn’t technical. How do you deal with a flood of mostly not-a-fit applications without an assessment?

The Promise vs Reality

Here's the problem with automated code quizzes ⤵️

Code quizzes promise a consistent signal for engineering candidates.

Code quizzes promise an increase in hiring velocity by opening up the funnel.

Code quizzes promise to save your team engineering time.

✅ Senior-Level Scenarios

Experienced engineers want to be evaluated on what makes them senior. That’s much more than code. Woven is the only option for senior-level scenarios like:

Code Review

Systems Design

Architecture Debugging

✅ Meaningful Feedback for Every Candidate

Evaluating senior-level work requires actual engineers. Unit tests aren’t enough. With Woven, you can promise your candidates the detailed feedback that no automated code quiz can offer.

✅ Calibrated to Your Team

Calibrating a work sim to your team’s skill level ensures everyone is on the same page about what makes a senior engineer senior. Woven’s benchmarking improves interview hit rates and reduces mis-hiring and mis-leveling.

engineering hours saved per hire
fewer mis-leveled hires
"This is the only technical assessment I walked away from thinking it actually represented my abilities to communicate and problem solve on realistic, end-to-end problems. I would interview this way every time if I could."
Aleita Herrera-Train
Woven Candidate
"In my prior roles, 1 out of 3 hires didn't perform. With Woven, only 1 out of 11 hasn't performed and that person had a noticeably lower Woven score."
Woven Customer
VP of Engineering, Series B AI Company backed by Craft Ventures
"That was the quickest feedback I have ever received. The whole experience was just flawless."
Woven Candidate

The First Tech Assessment Built for Senior Engineers

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