January 4, 2023

How to Prevent Mis-Leveled Engineering Hires with Woven

By Casey Higgins

Houston, we have a mis-leveling problem. 😬

Mis-leveling engineering candidates is a huge problem for several reasons. Not only does it lead to costly mistakes, it can cause dissatisfaction and disengagement from both the employee and employer.

An engineer who is placed in a role that doesn’t match their level of experience may become frustrated and lose motivation. And if they aren’t given the opportunity to use their expertise, you miss out on valuable insights that could lead to improved efficiency and effectiveness in your org.

That’s why it’s important to accurately assess the skills and experience of your engineering hires.

When a candidate is placed in role that’s appropriately challenging and rewarding, it helps foster a positive work environment and maximizes the potential of your engineering talent.

In an industry where 1 in 3 engineering hires are mis-leveled, customers using Woven reduce their mis-hires by more than 50%.