Planning on Using a Technical Assessment Test for Jobs?

Finally, it’s that time of the year. College football season!

Your plan is to enjoy some drinks and snacks, and have the ultimate football watch party with your buddies.

But, dang it!

Your company is hiring. And you have to prepare for all of the upcoming technical assessment tests coming in from your job posts.

Of course, it pays to have the best and knowledgeable candidates in your corner in the fast-paced technology world. That means more drinks, snacks, and watch parties later on.

The majority of industries and organizations want a piece of these top-notch developers. However, finding quality talent is a real pain in the neck for recruiters. That’s where pre-employment skills testing comes in handy—to sift through the numerous applicants and their acronym/jargon-filled resumes.

Hiring assessment or aptitude tests evaluate a candidate’s technical skills, response to real-world challenges, and suitability for a specific technical post.

It’s common for candidates to flood their resumes to make them look impressive and qualified. In fact, according to a HireRight Survey, 85% of employers discovered that candidates lie in their resumes. You cannot overlook the importance of technical assessment tests for technical jobs in your organization. Utilizing the right skills assessment test for employment will help you distinguish a candidate’s technical abilities, suitability, and interest in joining your organization.

Luckily, out of all the technical assessment software in the market, Woven ranks the highest. With our technical assessment tool, you’ll worry less about a candidate’s abilities and suitability for any technical role in your organization.

Aptitude test example

Research indicates that 75% of the best companies to work for and 80% of Fortune 500 organizations utilize aptitude tests in their recruitment drives.

At times, your organization can have multiple technical positions open, translating to numerous applications. An aptitude test can come in handy when comparing the applicants based on a variety of angles. You can use these tests to assess a candidate’s cognitive abilities, personal attributes, professional abilities, and suitability for a particular role. It’s a great way to streamline the hiring process and begin eliminating unsuitable candidates.

In most technical interviews, developers’ typical aptitude test examples include coding tests, take-home tests, whiteboards, or technical phone interviews. While these aptitude tests are an excellent triage tool, they are not without flaws, including:

  • Causes anxiety for the interviewer and interviewee
  • Time and resource-consuming
  • Not designed to measure a candidate’s soft skills such as motivation, punctuality, and social abilities, to name a few
  • Doesn’t perform the full candidate’s evaluation
  • Doesn’t include “freshers” or candidates with little to work experience

Agreeably, an aptitude test is vital in your recruitment drive, but these flaws indicate how superficial they can be. Sure, an assessment might show you a candidate is a qualified developer, has the required educational qualifications, and has some work experience. But you need to get more granular. You need to gauge the candidate’s proficiency and skills to perform a particular job.

The proper skill test, for example, exposing the candidate to a real-world challenge, will give you a detailed assessment of their level of proficiency based on the skills they use to tackle the challenge.

Software development also plays a crucial role in shaping the ideal candidate. You can gauge what drives the candidate through their self-assessment skills inventory, for example, asking them about their SWOT analysis.

Technical assessment test sample

It’s no secret that hiring software developers is a lot of work. The interviews can span hours or days and consume most of your recruitment budget. Worse still, it can be dizzying to find the ideal approach with so many interview resources out there.

Handling multiple interviews for various roles will leave you exhausted, especially if you don’t have the tools to make it easier. And, you might not have enough time to compile the required interview questions since you’re hiring for various roles. No worries. These technical test questions and answers will give you deeper insight into what you need to do to prepare.

If you are up for the challenge of compiling your own questions, you can get some inspiration from these technical assessment test sample questions.

The truth is that there are numerous candidates scouring the job market today. Businesses are investing heavily to get the best and have the upper hand on the competition. A Leadership IQ study indicates 46% of new hires quit within 18 months due to mismatched attitudes, lack of interpersonal skills, and technical skills. With the ultimate sample aptitude questions and answers pdf, you can trim down the long list of applicants and ensure the most suitable candidates remain for your interviews.

Technical test practice

Fact: Bruce Lee’s practice regimen made him a living fighting weapon. This guy practiced for hours a day, making him a master of his time, and even invented his own martial arts discipline.

How cool is that?

To excel in your recruitment drives, you have to practice a lot. That’s the best way to master the art of the technical interview as an interviewer.

Technical test practice begins with having the right pre-employment assessment test questions and answers to guide you. Remember, you are holding the tests to evaluate a candidate’s ability to handle various technical challenges related to a particular role. The more you practice, the more you can spot a talented candidate a mile away.

Who knows, maybe you’ll become the Bruce Lee of technical interviews.

In some cases, you might require a job skills assessment worksheet to paint a clearer picture of a candidate’s abilities. You can customize the worksheet to include attributes such as leadership, communication, technical skills, and more. To shorten the assessment process, utilize any of the numerous skills assessment tools online.

Or, ditch all of this stuff for Woven’s industry-leading and versatile online assessment platform. We’ll identify the most suitable candidates for you.

Technical exam preparation

Developers and engineers play a vital role in the success of your organization. As the hiring manager, you should invest a good amount of time and resources into technical exam preparations.

Prepping for a technical assessment test for jobs entails that you, as the interviewer, gauge your ability to conduct the technical exams successfully. For example, are you aware of the 80/20 rule in technical exams? You can boost your technical examinations skills by learning more interviewing tips.

The number of applicants you may be interviewing can overwhelm you. And trimming this number down can be tricky, as you might miss ideal candidates in the early stages of the technical exam. To avoid this, use a free aptitude test online to guide you and reduce the number of candidates without missing any talent.

You can also provide a skills identification worksheet for the candidates to fill out. This sheet might contain more details about the candidates’ skills that they fail to mention in the exam.

Online technical test

Traditionally, the HR department takes charge of all organization recruitment drives, even the technical roles. This process includes manual evaluations, screening resumes, planning and holding the interviews, providing feedback, and selecting candidates. Apart from the colossal time consumption, a manual recruitment drive is biased, inefficient, and ineffective.

Furthermore, the successful candidates from such a process might not be the most suitable, making assembling an effective team of developers tricky.

The global pandemic has also changed the way technical tests are held. It sealed the fate of the traditional pen and paper and whiteboarding stages of the technical interview. You cannot afford to dally in this fast-paced tech world; your competition will grab the most talented prospects. Nowadays, holding a technical aptitude test is as easy as supplying candidates with a link to a technical examination management system.

If you plan to hold technical assessment tests for jobs soon, you’ll need an effective online assessment tool to help your recruitment drive.

Woven’s online assessment platform will sift through numerous applications simultaneously and produce the most suitable candidates for the various technical roles in your organization. We’ll ensure you hire and build a high-performance team efficiently—without missing game day.

Deploying Woven’s assessment platform results in:

  • High-speed and efficient recruitment that saves 2/3 of your recruitment budget and 80% recruiting time
  • Work simulations that go beyond code to include communication, architecture, debugging, and troubleshooting
  • Positive candidate experience through unbiased feedback and scores from an experienced team of engineers and developers
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t find quality candidates

So, if you’re an engineering leader looking for hidden gems who can make meaningful contributions to your team, start a free trial with Woven today.