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Build high performing engineering teams with Woven technical interviews.

Feel Confident Enough To Move Fast

Woven scenarios predict work performance because
they’re based on actual engineering work.

  • Flexible async assessment  accommodates the 2/3 of candidates who take it on nights and weekends
  • Fast candidate analysis with 94% same or next day results turnaround time
  • Two Woven engineers blind-score each candidate and provide detailed notes
  • Assess more than code with systems design, debugging, and technical collaboration free text scenarios
  • Configure objective candidate scores using 60+ available rubric items
  • Shared candidate visibility across hiring stakeholders and your ATS system

Why Choose Woven?

Find Hidden Gems

One of every three of our customers’ inbound hires would have been missed in a traditional hiring process. We help you find those talented candidates that often go overlooked.

Save Time for Engineering

You don’t want your engineering team stuck in interviews. Neither do we. By narrowing your focus to only the best candidates, your team can spend more time coding.

Bias Reduction

By prioritizing performance over scanning resumes, we can help you build a hiring system with less implicit bias to ensure the right candidate gets the job.

Detailed Feedback

Get a detailed breakdown of your candidate's code and a hiring recommendation, so you can get the exact information you need to make the right hiring decision.

Increase Qualified Hires

By sorting your applicants based on performance, you end up with more qualified candidates in the final interview stage, so you never feel like you’re compromising on candidate quality.

Candidate Attraction

We know the best practices to get the most candidates to your posting. Even better, we will do it for you if you ask nicely.

You're remote now whether you like it or not. And software engineers need to be more to operate on distributed teams. We assess skills that are essential to today's remote engineer. Partner with a team that specializes in remote hiring and know best practices to help you navigate the growing remote space. We don't just know it, we live it.

Plug and play Woven's software so you can keep your processes running smoothly. Whether it's advancing candidates natively in your ATS or getting hiring recommendations sent straight to Slack, we integrate seamlessly with top partners so you can get set up and hiring quickly. ATS, job boards, productivity tools; you name it, we probably do it.


Engineering Leaders Trust Woven

Candidate results are graded using a consistent process that's fast and fair.
Because the same work deserves the same score.

Two trained engineers double-blind score based on a deterministic rubric

Experienced Woven engineers use a structured rubric to assess not only coding skills, but also systems design, debugging, and technical collaboration ability.

Any disagreements are escalated and reconciled by a third engineer

If Woven scorers disagree on any single rubric item, then it is immediately escalated to a different engineer to resolve.

Results are delivered same or next day

Expedite any candidate to get their results in 6 hours. Last week, 98% of results were delivered same or next day.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Woven is trusted by hundreds of engineering leaders

How is Woven different than code quiz technical assessments?

Senior engineers do not spend all day inverting binary trees like a typical code quiz would suggest. They design and debug systems, architect complex code, and collaborate with their team asynchronously. Woven's assessment uses both free text and IDE environments to allow candidates to demonstrate their problem-solving skills. And Woven's human scoring team enables partial-credit, which gives hiring teams the confidence to advance or pass on candidates.

How long do Woven interviews last?

Woven interviews require 30 - 120 minutes to complete. Hiring teams can use Woven's optional time-box capability to ensure a level playing field for all candidates.

Do you interview candidates face to face?

Woven interviews are asynchronous, which is more inclusive of the 2/3 of candidates who choose to participate on nights and weekends. In addition to scheduling flexibility, this reduces interview anxiety.

How does Woven's candidate evaluation work? Can I trust it?

Candidates are evaluated against a deterministic rubric by at least two trained and certified engineers who double blind-score each candidate's results. If those engineers disagree on a single rubric item, then the candidate's scores are escalated to a third engineer for resolution.

How do you prevent cheating?

There are three things that Woven does to mitigate against cheating and one thing you can do. First, Woven scenarios are designed for google-ability. If you would lookup date formatting on the job, then you should be able to look it up for a scenario. Second, online alerts monitor for exact solutions to scenarios. If a scenario is compromised then it is removed and replaced. Third, Woven has duplication detection at the code level. You are strongly encouraged to ask about the candidate’s work in a subsequent interview. It’s obvious when a candidate did not write the code. Also, candidates typically like talking about their work.