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Hiring Preparation
Choose from real-world scenarios that match the role
Better Candidate experience
Assessment is clear, practical and takes less 90 minutes to complete
Job Description Templates & Checklists
Use proven, tested language to ensure you’re attracting top-quality talent
Engineer Evaluators
Independent evaluation by 2 Woven engineers gives you in-depth insight without excessive time investment
25 Scenarios (Backend, Frontend & Fullstack)
Real challenges in real IDEs to test real ability in a variety of roles
Scoring (Partial Credit)
Get a detailed look to your candidate’s thought process that goes way beyond ‘pass/fail’
Language Coverage
Developer-friendly cloud-based platform to simulate real-world challenges in context
Benchmark Calibration (Team/Role)
Objectively understand where your candidate fits with respect to your high performers
Assessment Platform (IDE)
From C++ to Swift, we have a scenario for every programming language you care about
Candidate Feedback
Kill the awkwardness with automated responses to your candidates with objective feedback on their testing results
Scenario Prompts
Prompt style shows the candidates natural approach to solving problems
Slack Notifications
Punctual notifications so you can keep the process moving

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Woven assessments take less than 90 minutes. And the practical challenges in a live IDE feel normal to your candidates.
Woven engineers grade against a holistic rubric
Two experienced  engineers from Woven score candidate work against a 60+ item rubric -- saving your precious time and internal resources.
You get the results and recommendation
Get detailed scorecards on your candidates’ test results plus Woven's recommendation. You can focus on picking the best-fit for your team knowing they have the skills for the job.

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Asynchronous challenges let candidates participate at night or on the weekends when it's convenient for them.

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Technical Interview Process

If you are trying to find the right person for a job, you understand just how challenging it can be. The interview process is an essential part of finding the right person for an open position at your company.

During a formal interview, you are probably trying to learn more about the information on a person's resume while also trying to see if they are a good fit for your company's culture. The standard questions you ask are probably open-ended and do not necessarily have a single, correct answer.

A technical interview is the opposite of this. If you are trying to find someone for an open position, particularly when it comes to software engineering, a technical interview process is vital.

Even though a lot of people are intimidated by software engineers, technical interview questions are vital for companies that are trying to hire to validate performance. You have to vet the overall qualifications of applicants to see if they have the skills necessary to fill an open position.

Meanwhile, there are many flaws in the traditional software engineer's technical interview questions. The process usually leans heavily on someone's perception of that individual or their skill-set. This could lead to biases that can make it hard for the company to hire someone even after asking the technical senior developer interview questions.

All companies need to understand how to conduct their hiring processes. Old methods could provide a bad experience for applicants, causing businesses to hire the wrong person. Fortunately, Woven is a comprehensive platform that can address these problems.

This enables companies to access a standardized, unbiased technical interview process. With access to the right questions, companies can use technical interview questions appropriately, allowing them to hire the right person for the job.

Technical Interview Tips

A lot of businesses have issues when it comes to setting up technical interviews. For companies wondering about how to prepare for technical interview questions, it is essential to keep a few technical interview tips in mind. A few tips companies should follow if they are trying to set up a technical interview process include:

- First, companies need to find suitable applicants and screen them appropriately. One of the best ways to do this is to use a software program that can automatically go through the resumes that people submit. Then, this program can take a look at resumes that include specific words or phrases that might be indicative of specific qualifications that could be helpful for the open position.
- Also, companies need to use coding interview questions to test the technical knowledge of applicants. It is a good idea to look at some of the common problems that the current software team faces. Then, the business can set up a technical interview that is based on these common problems. See how the applicants respond and see if they are answering the questions correctly.
- After going through the technical interview process, you should try to see if the applicants will fit well with the current team. After all, the software team probably has a lot of members currently. Members of the team have to communicate appropriately to solve specific problems. As a result, team fit is also essential.

Ultimately, there is a lot that goes into senior software engineer technical interview questions. It is essential to generate a fair yet strict test of knowledge for each applicant. Standard grading systems also have to be put in place to rate all applicants. This way, companies will get an unbiased view of the competency of each applicant. It will help businesses get the most out of the technical interview process.

How To Prepare For Technical Interview Software Engineer

Many applicants have questions about how to prepare for technical interviews for software engineers. Some people might even ask, “what is a technical interview?”
A technical interview is an interview that has been specifically set up to assess someone's knowledge base when they are applying for a job. Even though the technical interview process is closely associated with the software industry, several other industries use technical interviews.

Technical interviews usually have right and wrong answers. Therefore, unlike traditional HR interviews, applicants need to think carefully about providing the correct answer. Using a junior software developer interview questions and answers PDF can be helpful in this scenario.

So, how exactly should an applicant prepare for a second interview? An applicant should take online tests, practice scripts, and prepare accordingly. All of these resources are available online.

This way, applicants can arrive at the interview with cool heads that will help them to focus on each question that they encounter. Furthermore, applicants also have to be fully prepared for an intensive evaluation as some of these questions might be challenging.
Applicants should not assume they are required to get every question right to get hired for the job. Instead, applicants should focus on applying for jobs for which they are a good fit. This way, they will place themselves in the best position possible for success.

Fortunately, Woven also has tools to help applicants prepare for an open position, including a hiring manager reader. These tools and resources are available online so that applicants can prepare for common interview questions.

A platform like Woven can help applicants ensure that they have the skills necessary to perform well during technical interviews. By taking their time to answer practice questions, applicants can become comfortable with the interview format before they get there.

Technical Interview Questions Engineering

For those wondering about how to crack technical interviews, it is essential to understand a few technical interview questions for engineering. A good senior software developer interview questions and answers PDF can be beneficial. It will help companies learn more about common questions that they should ask during a technical interview.

Remember that the goal of the technical interview is to assess the knowledge base of each applicant. This way, companies can see if the applicants are suitable for open positions at the company.

For example, some companies may decide to ask each applicant how they will tackle a programming task, starting with the initial requirements and proceeding through the delivery process.

The company might also want to ask each applicant about the programming languages they are familiar with, as different companies use different programming languages. Companies should also ask applicants about how they plan to handle errors.

These are just a few examples of common technical questions companies ask during technical interviews. The goal is to take these questions and tailor them to meet the technical needs of the company. That way, each business can find the perfect applicant for its open position.

Technical Interview Questions Software Engineer

Technical interviews have changed significantly during the past few years. Businesses are now flooded with applications for open positions. Therefore, they may have difficulty dealing with the sheer volume of applications that come to them regularly.

Big tech companies often use whiteboard interviews with late stage candidate. This type of interview was once seen as an essential part of the software engineer interview prep guide. Technical interview questions in computer science often include asking a software engineer to draw something on the whiteboard to assess his or her knowledge base.

At the same time, this style of technical interview questions for software engineers has several flaws. For example, this creates an unrealistic amount of pressure on each applicant. It is also nothing like what they will face when they get to work.

Furthermore, drawing on a whiteboard is simply something that does not happen in real life. It requires software engineers to explicitly memorize information that they simply would not need for their actual jobs.

It also makes existing biases even worse, as it favors charismatic applicants over those who have the knowledge needed for the job. For all of these reasons, companies need to think carefully about how they interview their applicants.

How To Answer Technical Interview Questions

In the end, a lot of people still don't know how to answer software developer technical interview questions. As a result, people are looking at solving the questions in the technical interview PDF.

With the right software developer's technical interview questions, companies can find the right person for open positions. The process in which companies wonder exactly how they can ask the right questions to find the right person for a job can be very time-consuming. For this reason, they should rely on a professional platform like Woven instead.

Woven has been specifically designed to help companies create a more streamlined process for the development team. The platform will help companies find the best talent for open positions at the company.

Furthermore, this platform will also help companies validate the tasks they will be executing daily. Using this platform, hiring managers can find the most talented people for the job without worrying about their biases interfering with the process. All businesses need to make sure they use the right platform to help them find suitable applicants for open positions.

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“When it comes to recruiting and hiring decisions, Woven helps me sleep better at night. Knowing that there’s been this extra level of scrutiny.”

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