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From C++ to Swift, we have a scenario for every programming language you care about
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Let’s Go Beyond Code

Puzzles tell you who can play games.
Woven shows you who can solve problems.
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Software Engineer Technical Interview Questions

Do you run a company today? If so, you understand the importance of software developers. After all, software is eating the world. Just about every company and industry now operates their daily business on it.

If something goes wrong with your company's technology, what would happen to your business? There could be serious problems. That’s why you need to find the right software developer. And for that, you’ll want good interview questions to ask a software developer.

Finding the perfect person for the job is very important in software development. This raises the stakes for software engineer interviews. You have to make sure they have good programming skills and knowledge. The field of software engineering is based on leveraging the space between the ears, so you need to find someone with the skills and technical knowledge to solve problems.

It’s tough to find the right person for your team based on traditional HR interviews and a standard resume. So you should think carefully about the software engineer interview questions you ask.

You need to ask the right technical questions when you’re conducting software engineering interviews. Questions that allow you to explore the applicant's knowledge base. You want to know how much they know so you can decide if they’re a good fit.

What are some good questions for interviewing a software developer? Most interview guides start by asking where someone went to school and the classes they took. But you’re hiring someone who can solve problems, not turn in homework. So ask specific questions based on the challenges your team is facing recently so you can see how they might respond to that situation. This will help you as the interviewer decide if that person is right for the job.

Software Developer Technical Interview Questions

There are many different programming languages in the world (and even more variations for solving a problem). The best way to find out if someone is up for your next job opening? Ask them some questions! You can begin with questions about languages and libraries. For example, if you're hiring for C# programmers then your list will include .NET and Windows programming languages. If it's Python programmers that you need, then related topics might be Linux or JAVA-related frameworks such as Django or Flask (depending on their experience level).

In addition to software engineering technical interview questions, don’t forget about getting feedback from their past employers (if possible) and what projects they've been working on lately. All of these factors will go into determining whether this person has enough knowledge and experience under their belt.

Furthermore, you also need to make sure your software engineer understands their role within your organization. Ask Front End engineers about how they achieve user outcomes with different types of tools. Ask DevOps about memory management in the programs and what tools are useful for bugs and static analysis.

You get the point here. Technical questions are much better than standard HR questions for software engineers.

Software Engineering Scenario Based Questions

As you proceed with the process of looking at applicants, ask software engineering scenario-based questions about how they would deal with a specific situation. For example, you may ask "What's your solution to the following problem?" or "How do you organize and store information on this particular system?" There are many different ways these software engineering scenario based questions can be tailored for those in various positions within the field.

When you ask senior developer interview questions, be intentional with the questions you ask. Scenario-based questions force candidates to think through the logical issues presented by a specific problem and then present you with a specific solution. This allows people to answer in a more creative way and will show their knowledge of the problem.

When you want to ask interview questions for software developers, you should take advantage of a problem that already exists. Perhaps a data schematic is causing problems. Or there are senior developer interview questions c# candidates should already know. Whatever. Ask the applicant to show you possible solutions. Just keep in mind that technical interview questions are looking for different things than software engineer behavioral interview questions.

There might be a new security issue. Or issues related to power management. Or, there could be a memory problem. Technical interview questions will tell you if the software engineer has the architectural skills to fix it or if they’re not really qualified for the job.

Bottom line: ask your applicant about real work scenarios and how they will fix them. Why? Because scenario-based questions are a critical part of the evaluation process when you’re trying to hire a new engineer.

Senior Software Developer Interview Questions And Answers PDF

You might be looking for a new senior software developer to join your company. Prepare yourself with senior software developer interview questions and answers PDFs - they’ll help you with the interview process.

The technical interview is a crucial step in the senior role’s hiring process. This time together will determine whether or not this person can be an asset to your team and company, so it's important you make sure they're worth investing that much of your resources into.

One way to do this would be by asking them about their strengths and weaknesses with regards to what makes up successful software developers. Something like, "What makes you the ideal candidate for this position software developer." But don't just stop there! You also want to see if they have experience working on projects like yours before; how well-rounded are their skills? Ask questions that relate directly to the position at hand as opposed to general ones.

A senior software developer is going to be responsible for assisting and managing junior developers with their roles. So, you will expect your senior software developer to be able to handle basic junior issues. However, the applicant's management skills also have to be tested.

Broader problem-solving skills are a necessity when you are trying to find someone to occupy this position. If there are issues with a junior software developer, how is a senior software developer going to handle it? How is he or she going to get the project back on track? Consider sprinkling in a few software developer intern interview questions and answers to see how they handle them.

You need to find a senior software developer who understands the tension between how to step in and address issues when required or take time to teach when necessary. Your questions should be targeted, addressing these common concerns.

Entry Level Software Engineer Interview Questions

Software engineer interviews are tough. There's no way around it. That said, if you're interviewing junior engineers or entry-level software developers then technical proficiency testing can be your secret weapon in the interview process. Even basic questions can show you how they think. This means more than just asking them to solve an equation. Instead, the technical interview tool should include real work simulations.

When you're trying to hire a new software engineer, the engineer's role is probably going to involve writing code and before they submit it as a pull request based on technical specifications. This is why you need to use junior software developer interview questions and answers that are going to test their technical knowledge.

Make a junior software developer interview questions and answers PDF so your team can access the questions you need to assess the technical knowledge of each applicant.
As a business, you may not have the time to test each of these applicants yourself. This is why you need to rely on a professional service that can help you set up technical interviews that will vet applicants for your team or business.

Standard HR-issued software company interview questions and answers are simply inefficient. They may even be problematic during the developer interview process. Therefore, you need to rely on a professional platform that provides a better applicant experience.

Furthermore, a professional platform can also provide you with better results, allowing you to find the right person for the job. Rely on a professional platform to assess the proficiency of each of your applicants.

Senior Developer Interview Questions

For any software company, hiring the right employees is crucial. As the engineering leader, you probably know that technical interviews can be difficult to master and time-consuming for busy managers. You've got to juggle the job you were hired to do along and the hiring process. What if I told you there was an easier way?

Perhaps you're tempted to delegate some developer screening responsibility to your recruiter or talent acquisition specialist. They may know senior developer interview questions and they can evaluate responses based on their own knowledge - however, they don't have the technical expertise required for technical interviews with great software engineers.

Furthermore, if the applicant has questions, the HR team may not be able to provide answers. So, you need to make use of a professional technical interview system like Woven, instead. The system will incorporate real work scenarios, score them based on aptitude, and allow you to process your applicants faster.

Instead of simply going with, “why do you want to be a software developer interview answers,” you need to use a program that is going to help you find the best fit for each position. If you decide to use a technical interview platform, you will have access to exactly that.

Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions

Senior software engineers are in high demand, so you'll need to put your best foot forward with a stellar technical interview. There's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to software engineer coding interview questions. The key is preparation – there are tons of questions available on the internet that can help prepare you!  We also want candidates who will show up as reliable team members because they represent our interests both inside and outside the organization.

For senior software engineers coding interview questions, you need to use an assessment that will scale with your business. Whether you just closed an initial seed round or finally hit unicorn status, make sure that you know the right software engineer interview questions to ask.

This will enable you to fairly assess the quality of every applicant that hits your inbox Of course, it's time-consuming to scale. And that's why you should use a technical assessment platform like Woven for assistance.  


If you own or work for a business, the success of your organization is dependent on hiring great software engineers. You need to know how they think and what skills they have that will make them successful in your company’s environment before bringing them onboard.

Woven can help you hire quality candidates by asking questions such as "how would you debug this code?" during interviews. It does this with technical interview scenarios that tell hiring managers how well potential hires perform when faced with challenges like scaling their application from 10 users to 1000+ concurrent users. Good technical interview systems help you set up a standardized test that asks the right technical questions, analyzes each applicant, and even score the test for you.

Finally, don't delegate technical interviews to HR -- especially with senior developers who are making decisions about projects worth millions of dollars! Recruit your team efficiently by setting up technical assessments early in the hiring process. Then, based on the coding knowledge and engineering requirements you have, you can find the right person for the job while also creating a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for each candidate.