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A work sim that actually looks like real work? There's a concept.

Both engineers and engineering managers can't stop raving about Woven. See why it's time to ditch your automated code quiz.

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What is Woven?

A work sim that reveals standout candidates, saves you time, and engineers actually enjoy.

Plus, our scenarios predict real work performance because
they’re based on real engineering work. (Really.)

What's so special about Woven?

Experienced Candidates Love Us

There's nothing like taking a 10-hour take home test only to get ghosted afterwards. 👻 We give engineers same-day results and same-day feedback on how they did and what they could improve - and they love it.

Engineering Leaders Trust Us

LeetCode problems aren't designed for senior engineers who do more than just code. 👎 We use an obsessively detailed rubric that's live-scored by real engineers to give a 360° view of every candidate.

Growing Teams Choose Us

Take-homes and whiteboard tests waste engineering time, cause scheduling headaches, and slow down hiring goals. 🐢 We offer async work sims that take less than 90 minutes which lets you hire quickly.

🌎 Designed for Remote Teams

Software engineers are looking for remote work, and Woven is designed to assess their skills in remote environments. Our work simulation assessments are time-boxed, async, and reflect the actual work they’d be doing on the job. We specialize in remote hiring best practices because we’ve been fully remote from the start.

🧩 Easy to Integrate

Woven’s software weaves right into your existing ATS, Slack, job boards, productivity, and other tools for seamless onboarding. We’re here to make things easier and faster for you (and for candidates).

Here’s a preview of what you might see in Slack.

How Does Scoring Work?

We believe the same work deserves the same score.

Step 1

Candidates take their work simulation on their own time in 90-minutes or less.

Step 2

Our engineers use a structured rubric to assess coding skills, code review, systems design, debugging, and technical collaboration ability.

Step 3

To be sure you get scores you can trust, we engage additional engineers to resolve any grading inconsistencies.

Step 4

You enjoy scoring results you can rely on and uncover highly-qualified engineers.

Step 5

Your engineering team saves a ton of time and you don’t lose candidates to the interview gauntlet.

Radically Improve Your Candidate Quality

See why engineering leaders are making the switch to Woven.

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