Woven for Engineering Leaders

Prevent mis-leveling and improve candidate quality.

We help you win the battle for top engineering talent by:

✅ Reducing mis-leveled engineers by 50%
✅ Calibrating your engineering career ladder
✅ Assessing candidates on code review
✅ Keeping the bar high

The Time to Change is Now

ChatGPT Killed Your Standard Code Quiz

We’re not just saying it, we tested it.

We had a junior engineer and a marketing manager (with no engineering experience) take standard code quiz assessments using ChatGPT to solve senior engineering questions and…both of them passed with flying colors.

Existing solutions will not be able to provide a reliable signal in a post-ChatGPT world. Want to see how Woven’s work simulation holds up? Click below to see the results.

We designed Woven to help engineering leaders put an end to:

Mis-Leveled Hires

Get a customized calibration of your career ladder to determine how high the bar should be and what qualifies as a senior, no matter who does the interview.

Wrong Vetting

Prevent frontend engineers from doing a systems design interview built for backend systems. We analyze your environment and customize the vetting process accordingly.

Interview Burnout

Get a standard process that detects top candidates faster and helps your engineering team spend less time interviewing, and more time on team commitments.

Case Study #1: A Series B AI Company backed by Craft Ventures

Industry averages report that 1 in 3 team members will underperform for the seniority of a given engineering role.

Since using Woven, this Series B Startup made 11 recent hires and only 1 is underperforming.

Can you guess which hire underperformed based on their Woven scores?

Use Woven How You Want

There's 4 great ways to use Woven.

We’ll help you choose the ones you need, not the ones you don’t.

1. Woven Filter

A top of funnel work simulation that pushes only the most qualified candidates into your pipeline. Get a strong signal up front without lowering the bar.

2. Woven Interview

A high-signal technical vetting interview for experienced engineers that helps you confidently hire those tough to fill, specialized roles.

3. Woven Attract

Work with our recruitment marketing team to help you find, attract, and deliver top engineers to your candidate pipeline.

4. Woven Match

Get pre-vetted senior engineers from our network delivered instantly to your candidate pipeline.

"In my prior role hiring hundreds of engineers in Silicon Valley, 1 out of 3 hires didn't perform. With Woven, only 1 out of 11 hasn't performed and that person had a noticeably lower Woven score."
Woven Customer
VP of Engineering @ Multi-Billion Dollar Tech Company

See Woven in Action

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